I dreamed last night that I wore knee socks and they slipped down my legs such that I had to pull them up.

I had my cable TV disconnected. There are several reasons for this. One is that Shaw keeps “dissapearing” channels on me. For example, channel 112 dissapeared in June sometime. I was angry because I had been enjoying the Seinfeld reruns they ran in the late evenings, and Boston Legal on weekends. They moved the channel to digital, which I don’t have, and replaced it with sports, which I don’t like and proptly blocked on my TV.

The second reason I cut the cable, is because they raised the price of my package again. They’ve done this before, of course, but I thought now that I have two things vexing me in so little time, I might as well do away with it. Also, I don’t want to pay more for “dissapearing” channels. I only had basic, so there wasn’t much left to watch, anyway. And I can watch Coronation St online.

So there.

Oh, PS, I still have my cable internet, and I still tether my compuer to it via an actual cable. So there(2).

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