Yesterday I had the song “Smoke gets in your eyes” stuck in my head. The problem is that I don’t know the tune to the song OR any other lyrics. I only half-believe that it’s really a song at all. I’m not too sure how I got it in my head in the first place. Perhaps there was smoke in my eyes? That might have been from walking along Douglas St. where there is always a smoker walking in front of me, puffing away. The words should have been “Smoke gets in you lungs” I guess. Lately, the puffers have been large groups of Asian youths, walking in a huddle that encompases the width of the sidewalk so that I can’t get around them. My solution is to walk slow and let them walk away from me.

This morning I woke up with a song that doesn’t yet exist stuck in my head. It may have been from a dream. It’s called… ok I can’t remember the words to it now. Something about having a bad home. Yesterday I woke up to a song that was a combination of “Get Happy” and the Feeling Groovy song. That was a good song that I can’t really remember, either.

I dreamed last night that I wore knee socks and they slipped down my legs such that I had to pull them up.

I had my cable TV disconnected. There are several reasons for this. One is that Shaw keeps “dissapearing” channels on me. For example, channel 112 dissapeared in June sometime. I was angry because I had been enjoying the Seinfeld reruns they ran in the late evenings, and Boston Legal on weekends. They moved the channel to digital, which I don’t have, and replaced it with sports, which I don’t like and proptly blocked on my TV.

The second reason I cut the cable, is because they raised the price of my package again. They’ve done this before, of course, but I thought now that I have two things vexing me in so little time, I might as well do away with it. Also, I don’t want to pay more for “dissapearing” channels. I only had basic, so there wasn’t much left to watch, anyway. And I can watch Coronation St online.

So there.

Oh, PS, I still have my cable internet, and I still tether my compuer to it via an actual cable. So there(2).

I’m sitting just shy of the rain, watching the intersection of Blanshard and Pandora. (This is the location of my job). I don’t want to move much further away from this spot because I failed to bring an umbrella with me today and I don’t like to get speckles on my glasses. This was one of the reasons I obtained contacts, however, I am not wearing them today: it’s Monday and I didn’t have time this morning to put them in due to a mild sleep-in.

I had a dream last night that was inturrupted by the noise that the street painter truck makes. And then I had to get up and see what was going on. I missed the truck but I saw the orange mini-cones that the workers left behind to indicate wet paint. Just as well they were doing this in the middle of the night as today there is wet everything.

The previous post neglects to mention that I am scared of fish and therefore will not go scuba diving.  A woman down the cubicle-row from me at work just got a fish at her desk.  It’s purply-blue and I’m not scared of just one fish in a, well, tubey glass thing as it is.  Just as fish lurking in the darks of the ocean.  So there!

“So there!” is my new saying.  I used it several times while at lunch on Wednesday with Susan.  I’m pretty sure Susan wanted to kick me I was so clever in the usage of my new saying.  I’m sure there are lots of times that Susan just wants to kick me in rage, but she doesn’t because she’s nice.  So there!

I’ve eaten far too many vanilla sandwich cookies.  I bought them yesterday at the James Bay Thrify Foods.  I went for a loooong walk last night after work.  I went from work, into James Bay, then along to Dallas Road, past Beacon Hill Park to Cook Street.  And then I live on Cook Street so I ended the walk at my home.  I was masterfully pooped at the end of the walk, but it was a pretty nice commute.

I need more tomatoes as I’ve finished those I had in the course of eating tomato, hummus and mayonnaise sandwiches.   Mm.


When my alarm went off this morning, I didn’t fully wake up. This was because it was one o’clock in the morning. I had set my alarm because me and Amber and Susan were planning to go scuba diving and we had to get up that early to get ready to catch the bus. Susan and Amber were sleeping over. I felt bad that the alarm was so loud and reached over to turn it down. This is when Amber sat up, trying to get out of bed because we were supposed to get up, anyway.

This is when I really woke up (sortof) because my alarm radio was actually going off, and realized that I wasn’t going scuba diving today, I’m just going to work.

I dreamt this morning that I couldn’t get my contacts in because I couldn’t get my eyes to open. I think this was because I was actually still asleep in real life. It really sucked in the dream because I was trying to get ready for the performance of Cabaret I was in. I thought at the time (in the dream) that the lights around the dressing room mirror were too bright.

Nuts to dreams where my eyes won’t open.

I dreamt I was knitting and every time I would get to the end of a row, instead of just flipping over the work to start a new row, I would wake up and roll over. I slept weird last night.

I have a cold. Again. Urg.

The good news is, I had a nap today.

The other good news is that now I have benefits and, therefore, sick days.

Some more good news is that I’ve started drawing again. Just in the old style, with a pen. I found like six books that I’d made and then filled with various marks and such and was inspired. I was also delighted because I’m funny and I draw funny. You can quote me on that. In fact, quote me on that now, and often.

Some annoying news is that I’ve been playing with my web page and it is no longer showing up at For now– it’s just a glitch I hope.

I had a dream during my nap and apparently it’s the second time I’ve had it. At least, while I was having the dream, I was thinking to myself that I’d had it before. 1) I’m in a car with my partner (like I’m in the FBI and we’re on a case). 2) We get to the place we’re going, look around and then my partner finds some stairs and goes down and I follow. This whole time it’s too bright and I have to cover my eyes. 3) When we’re down the stairs we’re looking around I notice there’s a window and Mulder and Scully are watching us, only they’re really big, and it seems that when my partner and I came down the stairs we also shrunk and walked ourselves into a diorama box. 4) Then there’s some people chasing us. 5) Then we’re in the car again and pulling off the blanket we had put over the window before because the light was too bright for me when we were driving before.

I haven’t had a dream where I couldn’t open my eyes for a long time. Am I missing something?

I dreamt in the night or early this morning.  I was attending a reunion of the Camosun Art Program Class of 2004.  It was at Jamie’s house and he was selling Angeline’s things (mostly gumboots).  His house was falling apart.  I was taller than everyone.  I wanted a pair of thigh-high, royal blue gumboots but I couldn’t have them.  Of course, there were mostly people from the other class at the reunion.

I had a dream last night that a figure skater was dancing up on the arena boards and then fell down and injured himself.  Or herself?  I think it was Susan.

I restocked my naturopathic supplements yesterday.  Just to say:  I do not like the term “supplements” very much.  They are “pills”.  When I arrive at the naturopath and demand “More Pills!” however, I feel a bit creepy.

Tiny String 17 is not only written but has made it into it’s first paper form:  that where I cut and paste the words onto the mock-up (with pictures, etc) before scanning into my computer.  I like this part the best.  It’s too bad I actually have to write something before I get to it (that’s not actually true, i could make books all day long with little to no content, it’s just a rule I have.)  Being at this stage inspires me to write more things, so that’s good.  My other favorite part of the process is deciding what colour paper to print the final product on, and figuring out how to produce the cover.  I haven’t gotten to this stage yet.