The Ways


Puddlelilies-dot-com is a webpage/blog written and produced by Lindsie S. Nicholas. It was consolidated in June or July 2005 as the culmination of years of webpaging on miscellaneous free host sites.


Lindsie S Nicholas (the “S” stands for Suzanne, which is my actual middle name, but I’m going for a William S Burroughs feeling here) is a person who has lived in several places along the BC coast over the course of her life. Mostly these places have been on Vancouver Island, but for a year she was on the actual continent of North America, in Vancouver. She is currently located in Victoria, which is smaller than Vancouver, but still big enough to hide in.

Lindsie was not named after Lindsay Wagner, despite the popularity of that actress at the time of Lindsie’s birth. She was more likely named in honour of her Auntie Linda. Also of note, the “I-E” part of her name is derived from her Mum’s name, which ends with an identical suffix.

Some of the forms of entertainment Lindsie most enjoys are: television, making fun of people, and clever books.

Some of the forms of entertainment Lindsie dislikes are: television about stupid people, movies that are too long and hobby shopping.

Lindsie is currently employed (HOORAH) with the Government of BC. She does incredibly practical things and receives praise and enough money to pay for her apartment, food, and dance classes. (And the occasional fancy hotel stay).

In her spare time, Lindsie likes to sit and do nothing under the premise that she’s plotting out the details for her next novel. She also goes to a lot of dance classes (for someone so lazy, anyway), and likes to draw (or at least makes marks on plain paper with a variety of media). She was a little annoyed to discover in the Spring of 2009 that she likes Sudoku puzzles. She had until that point, been turned off by the squares (ick) and numbers (also ick).

Lindsie’s favorite authors are Jane Austen, Neal Stephenson, Robertson Davies, Margaret Atwood and a few others. Her favorite shows on the telly are Coronation St, So You Thinky Dance, House, and new Dr. Who. She used to like Grey’s Anatomy quite a lot but it kept making her cry and she had to stop watching due to stress.

Lindsie has drifted away from movie-watching, but will watch anything at the IMAX, or 3D.

The inspiration for much of Lindsie’s food choices come from her inner five-year-old: macaroni and cheese (“macachee” in Lindsie-speak), hot dogs (“HOTDOGS!” in Lindsie-speak), and pancakes (“pancakes”). Lindsie prepares for her work-week every Sunday by preparing four or five tupperwares full of salad or stir-fry or sandwiches so she doesn’t have to think of what to have for lunch all week long. This makes her happy.

When she was five, Lindsie’s favorite colour was Pretty Black. Her cousin tried to convince her that there was only one kind of black, and pointed to the black areas in a cheaply printed book of Peanuts cartoons as evidence. “That’s Ugly Black,” Lindsie thought to herself.

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