I used my mum’s greek salad recipe, left out the feta, exchanged basil for thyme and added wagon-wheel pasta.  Lunch!

My Oyster Card arrived in this morning’s mail.  Mail, by the way, still scares the shit out of me when it arrives, the metal mail slot in my door clanking invasivly whenever anything is shoved through.  I’m not here enough when mail arrives to get used to it.  So I spent my morning writing and making more travel plans.  I don’t have much to to at this point, having spent the first week of September obsessing over all the details.  I want this card in my pocket when I land so that I may get on my way as soon as possible upon landing.  I don’t know how tired I’ll be so I want to be prepared.  Next: train tickets?  Second next: still way to early to start making lists.

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