October 21 – McDonalds on Wangfujing Pedestrian Street


It’s jet lag day and this little McDonald’s hamburger is really satisfying. I’ve been craving one since I saw a McDonalds during my walk this morning. Of course they were only serving breakfast this morning so now I’m back at lunch time.

I was out too early this morning, walking along Wangfujing Street (it’s a pedestrian shopping boulevard – 15 min walk from my hotel) and nothing was open yet. It didn’t matter: I had to bail anyway to go back to the hotel for a lie-down. Jet lag! So tired! Can’t sleep!

Chinese McDonalds! Where the kiosk lets you make your order and sends it to the kitchen before showing you half a dozen forma of payment that you don’t have! Not even an option for cash. Lucky this is a tourist area and the nice girl came up making cash signs and prompted the machine to let me pay that way (like at home, I took my little slip to the cashier). For revenge, I paid with a 100 yuan note. Haha I’m such a tourist. (My order was 26).

There’s like, totally a mall connected to this McDonald’s. I’m going to look at it.

I dreamed last night that I wore knee socks and they slipped down my legs such that I had to pull them up.

I had my cable TV disconnected. There are several reasons for this. One is that Shaw keeps “dissapearing” channels on me. For example, channel 112 dissapeared in June sometime. I was angry because I had been enjoying the Seinfeld reruns they ran in the late evenings, and Boston Legal on weekends. They moved the channel to digital, which I don’t have, and replaced it with sports, which I don’t like and proptly blocked on my TV.

The second reason I cut the cable, is because they raised the price of my package again. They’ve done this before, of course, but I thought now that I have two things vexing me in so little time, I might as well do away with it. Also, I don’t want to pay more for “dissapearing” channels. I only had basic, so there wasn’t much left to watch, anyway. And I can watch Coronation St online.

So there.

Oh, PS, I still have my cable internet, and I still tether my compuer to it via an actual cable. So there(2).

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Subject: Taxes

My tax envelope came! Should I try doing my own taxes this year?  Or would
that make you feel like Your Little Girl Is Growing Up Too Quickly?

From Lindsie

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From: Mum
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Subject: RE: Taxes

LOL   and    LOL some more.

I cleaned my house but now I feel too tired to do anything else today.  I will rest.  My chest is still tight.  I’ve  been going to work ok but only doing half dance classes all week long.  My lingering ailment is getting annoying.

Tomorrow is the start of two 5-day work weeks for me.  I’ve traded flex days so that I’m free on the 30th to go to the so you thinky dance tour in Vancouver.

I went to another Imax yesterday.  It was about dinosaurs.  Nothing else can show you how big dinosaurs actually were like Imax can.

I’m trying to acquire more modest spending habits.  At least for a while, anyway.  My budget this week let me purchase anything only today, Sunday, and that is only groceries.  I cheated a little on Friday when I bought a bottle of Astralagus, and there’s no excuse for doing so except that I saw it and wanted it.  I guess I also went out for dinner on Wednesday too.  Oh well.  It’s not like when I had literally no money in my account.  I’m just trying to buy less stuff that I don’t really need….  Like new boots.  *Sigh*.