May 24

On this very day twenty-five years ago I had a good day and took care to document it in my journal, which is presented below. It’s from my first year of keeping a dedicated journal. The original is written in a 14-inch-tall ledger type book I acquired from who-knows-where. I have edited mildly to make it fit for human consumption. Context: grade 12. Some individuals have been redacted due to…. privacy concerns.

May 24 1996.

I had a good day today. It started with waking up and opening my eyes and… WOW! sunny day coming through my window! Wheeee! I leapt up and got a shower and shaved my legs and dressed beautifully in my yellow shirt and little floral dress and did my hair… Trey wacky [See note 1 below]. And I wore my anklet from [redacted] and my anklet from Leanne and, upon realization that they flopped up and down annoyingly when I ran up the stairs, I tied my yellow ribbon on above them to make them stop. And I had a hotdog for breakie, yum. The bus ride to school was nice. I thought about various things. The only thing that marred that was the Reform rally going on at the corner of Beverly and Lakes. I shuddered in digust. Anyhoo. I got to school and chatted with [redacted] for a bit and walked across the bridge in a prancy sort of way– I leapt from sunbeam to sunbeam, how they were coming through the window– . So we all had our little chat in the morning and then were off to class.

English was long. We had to stay in an extra twenty minutes so Teacher could read John Grey, Robbie Burns and assign homework. Uhhhg. After we escaped that, me and Stacey met the WHOLE GANG at Phoenix Restaurant for lunch as planned. It was cool. We got there and there was my whole bunch of friends sitting at this huge table. ‘Twas cool. [Redacted], Merja, Sharlene, Leanne, Serina, Heidi, [redacted]. All there. I ordered a veggie burger and [redacted] gave those of us who are grad-ing our presents. I got a yellow bag with a little yellow book of pomes in it and a yellow crayon and a yellow balloon. Leanne got stationery. Merja got a little plaster angel. Stacey got an antiqued picture frame. Lunch was good. We walked sloooowly back to school. Sewing was ok. We had a sub so I just sorta sewed and chatted and wrote Maxine a little note on her binder. At break I went with Janice, who was hungry, to the bakery to get a fritter. I helped–she couldn’t decide which one to get. Anyhoo, after break I wandered over to the library to see if Merja was still there, she’d said she might, but she wasn’t. So I wandered back to class and sewed and dismissed myself 3 minutes early. I hung around with those who were taking the bus until it came. Then me and Merja moseyed over to the community center where Merja disappeared to wait for Leanne to take her downtown and [I waited] for my mum.

When mum came I went upstairs and voted. I voted. Wheeee! Was thrilling. [See note 2]

After that I went home and tried to Internet only to have the phone ring and Jordan talk for half an hour. so I waited patiently, only to get a busy signal when the line was finally free. So I cut things for grad presents. [see note 3] Sailor Moon was good. I think it’s the one I had to borrow from Stacey last time because I missed it for some reason, I think. It’s the one where Serina finds out that Reeny in not only from the future, but a princess, protected by the sailor scouts. So we can sorta assume that she is Serina’s daughter. There’s a great battle between the Scouts and the sisters from the Dark Moon with cool music.

After Sailor Moon I went to sell tickets at Alex Aitken’s fun fair. That was fun. Merja came about half way through and we mini golfed and went though the haunted house and sold tickets and counted money and got tattoos and rolled the big die for licorice and had a jolly good time. And I had a hot dog for supper, yum. I wore my Sailor Moon pin there (one of them) and little girls noticed it. One asked if she could have it so I gave it to her. I have no idea who she is and she was kinda obnoxious. But it was cool.

I watched X-Files when I got home and ate red licorice. But not too much.

It’s after twelve now, so my wonderful day is over. But I am awake: the result of too much red licorice, I am afraid.

Note 1: I had excessively long hair. I’ve edited out an obscure description of braiding it up into loops. And there were some beads, too, which of course make it trey wacky.

Note 2: My first time voting.

Note 3: I think this is a reference to the collaged folders I was making for my friends for grad. Mod-podge. Decoupage. You know it. And I just now remembered that I filled those folders with personalized poetry (?) and pages torn out from magazines (?) for each person. Song lyrics maybe?

COVID-19 Journal – Entry 29

I don’t know how long we’ll be allowed to use COVID as an excuse for abnormal behavior, but for now, I’m going to use it to explain my cravings for certain television programmes. All I want to watch lately is American shows based in the southern states. “Reba,” “Heart of Dixie,” “Any Day Now;” and the entire PBS documentary about Country Music. They all make me so happy with their soothing accents, non-life threatening subjects and catchy (theme) songs. I will neither confirm nor deny if I spent a recent day binge-watching the second season of “Heart of Dixie.”

I’d also like to use the COVID excuse to explain away a few bad habits I’ve picked up since the start of the pandemic. These are in addition, I should say, to those I had already. These have developed quite possibly due to being able to keep away from other people for many days at a time.

First is that I pick my nose a lot. Not actually a new thing, but now it’s been elevated to the status of hobby. I spent the spring with a runny nose due to allergies, and the consequence of this is, as you know, crusty boogers dried up inside my nose. At first, it was just fun to “clean these out” if you will. Now I’ve come up with the excuse that it helps me breathe to have those passages clear. Right? Ung. So gross. Yesterday I had a glob stuck on my finger and I was singing the Weird Al song “Gotta Boogie” (on my finger and I can’t shake it off).

Also, I am using the term “Noice” whenever I am impressed with something, instead of pronouncing it “nice” as a lady would. I think I picked it up from the TV show “Brooklyn Nine Nine.” A fine show, but not one upon which I need to base my everyday word choices. The last example: I dropped a container of yogurt while trying to organize the fridge and it opened upon impact with the floor and yogurt went flying. It was mostly on the floor, but I didn’t notice for a few days that globs flew up onto the rack holding fizzy beverages I have on the door. When I found out, there was a flaky layer of dried yogurt* on my ciders. “Noice” I said. Then debated with myself if I want normal times to return before I lose all sense of decorum, or if I should just accept the new me.

*I have coconut milk-based non-dairy yogurt. I have no idea if dairy-based yogurt acts like this .

COVID-19 Journal… Entry 14

These are the flowers I walk past on my way to work! They line the walkway leading to the main doors of the Empress Hotel. I love the colours! They look good as I approach, and then they look good close up too! Some of the tulips are starting to fall apart, but that adds to the chaos of colour that’s going on. Part of me wants to do a painting of it, but it is already beautiful and perfect in real life. A painting, even this photo, can’t recreate my delight of seeing these flowers every morning, in the context of the world right now.

Or maybe it can. Is that flower bed six feet across? To be considered later. Is that doorway always roped off? I think it is, but what if it wasn’t?…

Work has been happening, as regularly scheduled. I spend the first part of the week working at home, and then Thursdays and Fridays I’m in the office. This is my rotation so far – we only get a couple weeks’ worth of schedule at a time, because these are strange and unpredictable times.

Friday nights I’ve been getting take-out hamburgers for dinner on my way home. Earl’s has been good to me, but today I found that Bin 4 has a vegan dessert, so they win for now. They also have an app, so I don’t need to make a phone call* – though I did have some human interaction at the door of the establishment when I picked up my order. I think maybe I won’t be so interested in getting take-out if it’s raining, as both places I’ve gone to so far have us waiting outside.

*I don’t like making phone calls, even for burgers. However, making phone calls for burgers isn’t too bad. “I’d like to order a burger for take-out,” is how I started usually. And it went well from there.

Other things I’m thinking about:

I’m tired on the days I go into the office. My job can get physical on some days: I work with files- ordering them in to send to various requestors. These might be single files, but they might be boxes full, and moving them around for the day, or part of the day, can make for tired times. And then because I’m working at home for half the week, by the time I’m in the office there’s lots of files to organize. So it might be that I’m doing that for the whole two days. And then on top of this. I’ve been walking to and from work to avoid public transit (I totally meant to drive today but I completely forgot. It wasn’t raining, I guess? But parking has gone cheap downtown.) That’s about a 40 minute walk one-way. So I’ve been tired after work when I get home.

I keep meaning to watch Sense and Sensibility again. This BBC one. I will soon. It’s a good, meaty version. I keep finding other things to do instead of watching TV, like reading, writing, listening to podcasts, sitting and thinking, playing with my phone. New goal of trying to read book instead of playing with phone so much. Should maybe re-read Sense and Sensibility. I’m making my way through Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie. It is rich like black forest cake, so I only consume a little at a time.

Socks of the Day

I needed socks to wear for doing ballet barre exercises in my living room. These work very well- not to mention the colour coordination I’ve got going on there.

I was sick last week. Nothing gross really happened but I didn’t really feel like moving a lot for about five days. I could tell sickness was looming on the Friday but I swallowed a bunch of echinacea and drank a lot of water and went to dance class anyway and that felt fine. Maybe a little more tired than usual after.

I was meant to go to Vancouver the next day to see West Side Story with Julie. However, when I got home from dance I got a text from her saying she’d been injured on the bus. So we planned to take it easy while I was there.   But then when I woke up sick in the morning I cancelled my going. It was for the best anyway since she wasn’t feeling very good either. She was able to find someone who was not as cursed as we were to take the tickets, so that’s good. 

I was sickly for five days after that. Seven really, but I managed to go to work on the next Friday. During my sick time I spent a lot of time on my reclining chair, eating various types of porridge (cornmeal, Scottish oats, regular oats with flax seeds). I ate other stuff too.   My throat was sore for maybe a day, but it didn’t prevent me from eating, thank goodness.

I watched all the streaming TV shows that I could on my computer. Now I’ve watched all the shows and there’s no more due to the Olympics.   I only watched one Olympics and that was the men’s short program for figure skating. I read my book during the parts where there was no skating.

I read the Divergent series of books. I had bought one on sale at walmart a few weeks ago and read it and it was satisfying enough so I downloaded the others on to my old phone and read them while I was sick. They’re young adult books in a post-something-happened-in-America-to-make-it-significantly-different type setting. You know. And the kids living in it are part of the changing it. *You know*. There is a healthy dose of boys and girls getting together and touching and kissing and relationships and blah blah blah. I wasn’t turned off by the first person narrative this time (like I was with Hunger Games) but the last book gave a hint of what was to come when it was split into 2 points of view. I didn’t catch on until the main characters seemed a little too happy in their relationship late in the book. A definite give-away with so many pages still to come.   Also, the lesser characters maybe weren’t developed as well as they might be (for one of them I just pictured Draco Malfoy).

I dreamed last night that I wore knee socks and they slipped down my legs such that I had to pull them up.

I had my cable TV disconnected. There are several reasons for this. One is that Shaw keeps “dissapearing” channels on me. For example, channel 112 dissapeared in June sometime. I was angry because I had been enjoying the Seinfeld reruns they ran in the late evenings, and Boston Legal on weekends. They moved the channel to digital, which I don’t have, and replaced it with sports, which I don’t like and proptly blocked on my TV.

The second reason I cut the cable, is because they raised the price of my package again. They’ve done this before, of course, but I thought now that I have two things vexing me in so little time, I might as well do away with it. Also, I don’t want to pay more for “dissapearing” channels. I only had basic, so there wasn’t much left to watch, anyway. And I can watch Coronation St online.

So there.

Oh, PS, I still have my cable internet, and I still tether my compuer to it via an actual cable. So there(2).

The more books I read, the more I am unfit for human interaction, it seems. I actually used the phrase “I’ve been tasked” in normal conversation just a few moments ago. In my defense, I’m really tired today. Also in my defense, I not only read a lot, but I also watch a lot of British television/movies. Yesterday morning I made pancakes with a British accent. For example.

My mum will no doubt sum it up thusly: you’re just weird. That reminds me: I have to do my taxes.

Tonight I can hear the tv from Someone Else’s Apartment.  This doesn’t usually happen.  Usually this only happens on Monday nights when there is a new “CSI: Miami” on because my neighbors watch it really loud.  I don’t mind– I used to be watching it too.  I don’t mind now that I don’t watch it as it seems to be the only thing they ever watch.

I caught a cold today.  Work gave it to me, I think.  Stupid cold.  I came home and sucked back on my asthma inhaler to try and prevent that whole debacle.  The asthma debacle, I mean.  Also an indication that I am sick:  I had tea with caffeine in it to try and stay awake at work, and then had a nap when I got home.  Caffeine and sleep aren’t normally compatable in my body.  Although I do seem to be pretty awake and keen to go now, and it’s pretty late.

For some reason I’m not computing words when they are written vertical.  Or numbers either.  I was just now sure that my music playlist was out of order, listing “1,2,3” but that’s a pretty routine sequence, wouldn’t you say.  Another example, in letters, is the word “church” that is written on a building near my work in great, big, letters.  I looked up at this the other day and my brain thought it was a loopy, decorative maze or something.  A second later I could see the letters again, but it was wacky not seeing them for a second.  (P.S. The word “church” is on an actual church, if you were wondering).

Also today I got a funny look for describing the big painting on the side of a building (another building, not the church) as a “mural”.  But that’s what paintings are called when they’re huge and on the sides of buildings, right?  I am obviously pretentious, not just aware of the correct words for things.

I came up with a mildly clever transition today, joining two previously seperate stories.  At least I hope it’s clever.  When transitions aren’t clever they read like the woogly-woogly lines in “Wayne’s World”.  And the more I read, and the more I try to write transitions, the more I see the woogly-woogly effect.

Instead of watching tv i’m going to write.  Let’s see how this pans out considering how tired my arms are.

Speaking of tv, and specifically Thursday night tv, apparently the mum of one of the actors on Bones works in my building.  The actor plays the boss lady who does autopsies, or at least the skin and squishy bits that Bones doesn’t want to deal with because Bones only likes bones.  And she’s pretty?  I don’t remember the name of the character or the actor.  Anyway her mum works in my building, I’ve heard.

I can feel that spring is coming.  Combine this with a recent full moon? and Lindsie is feeling a little crazy.  I’m better today but I spent a weekend freaking out about things.  I just sort of sat back and watched what bubbled up.  Monday though I just wanted my brain to shut off for a while so I could get back to Normaltown.  Well, at least the outskirts of Normaltown.  Well, I can usually see Normaltown.  On a good day.

I like wearing my contacts as they make my face feel free.  I’ve worn my glasses all winter.  When I first got my contacts a year ago (approx) I felt shy because so much of my face was exposed, but now I don’t care about that.  I didn’t wear them for a while because it’s a pain putting them in and taking them out and sometimes it takes 2 or 3 tries if they have something on them that makes my eyes itchy, or if they are on inside out.  But I’m ready to wear them again, I think.  I’ll have to buy some more.

My upper back is sore… and then it’s not sore for a while, and then it really hurts and feels like it’s seizing.  That’s probably not good.  I’m going to hang my head in sadness because this is a nice stretch for it.

Funny Story

I started knitting again in October. I then started buying knitting supplies, needles and etc. When I told my mum about this, she said not to buy any more needles! Because she had a box in the storage room I could have! I had mostly been buying the connected cable needles, anyway, and the box of knitting needles in the storage room pre-date this concept, as well as me. I don’t think I remember my mum knitting anything for so long as I’ve been around, but she did knit things before that. The big blue and green blanket that was in the TV room in the basement of the Port Alice house. Apparently, a hat for my dad. The box of knitting needles included three generations of supplies, from my great-grandma, my grandma, and my mum. When I was home at Xmas time, I felt that this box was something that I should now have. It is very satisfying, for example, using the double-pointed needles that my great-grandma used to knit socks.

However. When I was home at Xmas, my mum found out about a book called “The Friday Night Knitting Club”. She didn’t find out about it from me, but I had meant to mention it. I’d just forgotten about it. Anyway, I ordered it from the library for her (mostly to show off how I could hack into dad’s library account due to him having his library number and password attached to the computer monitor… no one seemed to have noticed this though). When she read it a little while after I left with all of the knitting needles, she was inspired to start knitting again, and had to get some of her equipment back from me to do it. Neither of us thought that she would knit again so didn’t think twice about me taking everything with me.

When I was home this weekend me and mum watched all her TV shows and knitted. It was lovely and restful. She made dishcloths (because she needs dishcloths and I made her one at Xmas and she liked it) and I made the second fingerless mitt of a pair (I made it twice because I messed up on the first try). We watched a “Bones” and a “Mentalist” and a “Lie to Me” and some other stuff.

Funny Story #2

While we were watching a “Law and Order” franchise show on the Mystery Channel, Dad called up Shaw and cancelled it (like he was planning and had to do before the end of the day which was the last day of the month). The service stopped just as we were going to find out who-dunnit at the end of the show Note: cancelling digi-channels is very quick.

This past Saturday was spent in Honeymoon Bay. It was the same, only with meat jerky. Also this is the first time I’ve ever had a bathing suit cover for pre-swim times.

I think my painting might be working now. Right now it’s called “I forgot that the blue was meant to remain pure.” Or “I forgot that the blue was meant to remain blue”. As I have painted over all of the blue.

Yesterday, which was Sunday, I woke up at 4am. As this is a stupid time to start the day I tried to sleep. Failing that, I tried to read myself back to sleep. Failing that I got up and had spaghetti dinner, as I was hungry. Then my day had to start, of course. I cleaned the bathroom, as it was getting to be 6 or 6:30 by this time. Then I waited around for 8am to come so I could do my laundry (the laundry room in my building doesn’t open until then). Then, laundry done around 10, I waited around some more for some particular stores to open so I could purchase manga. (I think I was watching Doctor Whos while I waited.) None of the stores had the manga I wanted. I bought groceries instead and came home and ordered manga with the help of Internet. I made pizza dough, and then pizza. I read this month’s Walrus. I waited around for the SYTYCD finale rerun to start (again: i missed the first rebroadcast) and then watched that (I missed the first hour on Thurs when it was originally on). I ate corn flakes. I watched The Simpsons. I realized I was feeling too smart or impatient to watch TV. I decided my day was going on waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long. I thought about doing Sudoku puzzles.