I almost remember, now, how letting a piece of writing “sit” for a few days makes it better.  I ignored my latest work just from Thursday and even just today (Monday) it doesn’t seem as sucky as I thought it was.  Just needed a little tweaking to make it tolerable, and now I’m going to ignore it for a couple more days.  And it’s so much easier to get rid of those precious paragraphs I thought were so great a few days ago.  It doesn’t fit?  It’s gone!  (Just from this version, of course, I’ll keep it in an earlier draft just in case.  I hate having twinges of memory about previously written stuff that is no longer to be found.  Granted, often I have just imagined that I wrote it down…)

I got back from Duncan last night.  I took a day there after visiting Nanaimo due to train schedules.  Well, train “schedule” singular as it only runs once a day.  I took a long walk in the mud with my mum– that was through trees, and with the rain, there was a lot of mud.  Around behind the neighborhood through to a huge new development full of huge new houses.  Huge, puffy houses.  I am alternately disgusted that the trees are gone, and craving one of my own.  (These examples, however, were a little too huge.)

I also read the Globe and Mail which makes for a pleasant day.

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