If you were wondering, I was brave on Friday because I drove mum’s van to Nanaimo from Duncan.  This was brave because I don’t like driving, and then brave on another level down because I haven’t driven around Nanaimo very much.  Or at all.  Well, once in 1999 maybe.  And that I “don’t like” driving doesn’t really sound like a good excuse, as once I start I rather don’t mind.  It’s more that I become overly anxious when the prospect of driving is before me.  But this was a volunteer mission.  I visited Naomi to see her in a play.  And it all went well, since things I am anxious about usually turn out that way.  I even got to drive Naomi around in a helpful manner, to look at shoes.  I suppose, and I didn’t think of this until I got home and the whole adventure was over, I could have been More Helpful by taking her grocery shopping since she was out of food!  I’m alarmed I didn’t think of this actually, since when mum visits me with same van she almost always drives me to the supermarket.  Oh well.  Driving.

That was Friday and Saturday that I drove.

Today I finished reading “Makers” by Cory Doctorow.  Crazy.  I don’t want to give any of it away.  Or, you know, review it.

I had a super-long weekend, extending to today, Tuesday.  I don’t think the five-days-off, two-days-on really works for me, though.  I almost forgot to go to dance tonight.

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