I bet you’re wondering: why is Lindsie so calm with just 20 days before her trip to Vietnam? Well I’ve been distracting myself by reading all of the young adult fantasy with strong female heros that have been published over the past ten years or so. I stopped reading this particular genre due to reading other things (and doing other things besides reading like dancing and working and talking to other humans) and I’ve found that in recent years, the female main characters of these books have changed a bit. Before the goal was to end up with the main male characters happily ever after and that. Now they end up with him but it’s extra to some other motivation, and maybe even they don’t end up together at all. Crazy. There are examples of this happening when I was an actual young adult, of course, but I always wanted more.

I have downloaded the last two books of one series on to my phone to take with me on the plane or wherever. I know I’ll like them because I’ve read the first two, and I know they’ll be a quick-fun-distracting read. Guaranteed time waster. It’s called the Seven Realms series and it’s published by Disney, so I’m suspicious but I read them anyway.

Review of “Everybody Has Everything” by Katrina Onstad. In the first pages we find that a man has died in a car crash and his wife is in a coma. Their two-year-old son is left to their (newish) friends to care for. This is the story of that couple, the friends, taking in the kid. They are otherwise childless. It’s simple, but the writing is beautiful. We read about people and their reactions and that is all.

My throat keeps getting sore. Maybe when I consume sugar? Not pleased with this. I’ll rest today as I have no plans for after work today. I’ve prepared myself an echinacea tea.

I watched a lot of TV on Sunday. As a result I went to the library yesterday and got a couple of books, one of which I plan to read. I tried one of them but didn’t like it much so I shall return it. Too American, but I half sort of expected to not like it because of this. It had a good premise, and from the point of view from a woman with schizophrenia, but no go. I know maybe I should read more than a chapter, or half a chapter before making my decision, but whatever. I don’t want to waste my time.

I want to watch a movie called “Hyde Park on hudson” this evening and eat salmon spaghetti. My mum bought me gluten-free pasta at Costco so I might try that. Yes. I’ve just decided that I shall, too super make sure that I feel good tomorrow.

They brought me some fruit bread, too, mum and dad. I was supposed to take it at Christmas but everyone forgot so I have it now. I had a couple slices last night after dance. They were covered in lots of luscious butter that coated nicely my mouse and chair when I dropped. Hoo. Still tasty. I’ll save the rest for next week when I have no dance and will eat what I please for several days.

I was sick last week. Nothing gross really happened but I didn’t really feel like moving a lot for about five days. I could tell sickness was looming on the Friday but I swallowed a bunch of echinacea and drank a lot of water and went to dance class anyway and that felt fine. Maybe a little more tired than usual after.

I was meant to go to Vancouver the next day to see West Side Story with Julie. However, when I got home from dance I got a text from her saying she’d been injured on the bus. So we planned to take it easy while I was there.   But then when I woke up sick in the morning I cancelled my going. It was for the best anyway since she wasn’t feeling very good either. She was able to find someone who was not as cursed as we were to take the tickets, so that’s good. 

I was sickly for five days after that. Seven really, but I managed to go to work on the next Friday. During my sick time I spent a lot of time on my reclining chair, eating various types of porridge (cornmeal, Scottish oats, regular oats with flax seeds). I ate other stuff too.   My throat was sore for maybe a day, but it didn’t prevent me from eating, thank goodness.

I watched all the streaming TV shows that I could on my computer. Now I’ve watched all the shows and there’s no more due to the Olympics.   I only watched one Olympics and that was the men’s short program for figure skating. I read my book during the parts where there was no skating.

I read the Divergent series of books. I had bought one on sale at walmart a few weeks ago and read it and it was satisfying enough so I downloaded the others on to my old phone and read them while I was sick. They’re young adult books in a post-something-happened-in-America-to-make-it-significantly-different type setting. You know. And the kids living in it are part of the changing it. *You know*. There is a healthy dose of boys and girls getting together and touching and kissing and relationships and blah blah blah. I wasn’t turned off by the first person narrative this time (like I was with Hunger Games) but the last book gave a hint of what was to come when it was split into 2 points of view. I didn’t catch on until the main characters seemed a little too happy in their relationship late in the book. A definite give-away with so many pages still to come.   Also, the lesser characters maybe weren’t developed as well as they might be (for one of them I just pictured Draco Malfoy).

I couldn’t go to dance today because I’ve strained all the muscles in my left leg. I did this at the last class, of course, and I didn’t notice it was bothered until yesterday, and today it really hurts. Only when I walk though, and try to stand up from sitting in a chair. So lame. (Literally!)

I have no plans for the weekend except to clean my bathroom, which is getting crusty (I think that’s the right word for it…) Also I want to make something with the tomatoes that my parents brought me last weekend. A sauce, perhaps, or many many bacon and tomato sammiches. You may guess that I am leaning towards the later, and you would be correct. Or hummus and bacon sammiches, maybe, since those are, technically, healthy, and I enjoy them a great deal (though not as much as the bacon version). Pepper is an important ingredient in either recipe.

I’ve been reading “Divisidaro” by Michael Ondaatje. I compare all books by Mr. Ondatje to “The English Patient,” which I read when I was nineteen, so there’s never any comparison, really. BUT, he seems to get more “accessible” as he goes (from one book to the next) so that means that more people will want to read them. So that’s good. But for me it means that some of the mystery is lost. I haven’t read anything (ANYTHING) earlier than TEP so I should probably go back and see what he was like before. I’d give an example, but my copy of TEP is in Duncan (I hope). Later.

I’ve also recently watched “Still Life – A Three Pines Mystery” on the CBC television. I only watched it because it was flashed on their online watching site and I was all “hay! I like mysteries! And it’s Canadian!” (this is how I talk). It took me a few tries to get through it because I kept wandering off in the middle and/or going to bed. After watching a lot of British mystery shows of late, it was refreshing to have a similar set-up only with Canadian accents. (It was like that time I went to England and was so happy to hear Peter Mansbridge talking on the airplane on the way home.) But the novelty of this wore off pretty quick as I kept watching and noticing CBC obviousness (dude’s impatient… so he Looks At His Watch) and some overly dramatic acting.

I just remembered I had a blog.  I remembered last night when I stayed up late reading it.  I’m funny.  Also, fun fact: I used to review all the books I read.  Fun fact # 2: I used to read books.  The book I am reading now is the Reader’s Digest “Stories of Everyday Things.”  I love everyday things!  Like crackers and detective stories and eyeglasses and stuff like that.  I’m about to read about fads (I’ve just reached the letter ‘f’.)

Yesterday was one of those days where I couldn’t do anything unless I was dressed *just so*.  I had to wear my red floopy hat, for example.  Then I had to take it off in a hurry because my head was hot!  It’s summer and my red floopy hat is for winter.  I’m silly.

Problem. I need a hair cut but I keep getting compliments on how cute my hair is.  Oh, Dear Diary, why does life present me with such challenges?  I already cancelled one appointment twice.  The second time was definately not within the 24 hours the hair place “requests” they recieve to make a cancellation.  I was all “f-you, hair place!” I didn’t really say that but I felt like maybe I should since I was totally Breaking The Rules!

This is the day I put a new design on my website.  I must be in a bit of a mood.  The mood I am in is: I just had pancakes with lots of syrup. Mm.

I’m reading Cryptonomicon again.  I’ve written about this before.  A few times.  And here I am writing about it again!  I write about because I like it.  Although it does make a pretty good case for an e-reader, as it is quite heavy, even in the paperback version I now own (when I read it before I had copies from the library; also, when I read it before, e-readers did not exist, unless you count the books that my brother read on his laptop.  I do not count this.)

This is what I wrote before.  And also the time before that.

My review of the great gatsby (the movie): read the book.  It takes the same amount of time. It’s quite pretty,  though,  the movie.  Maybe have it playing in the background of a twenties-themed party.

In related news,  I seem to be watching a lot of movies that are either set in the 20s or 30s or were made then. People wore hats. Also: surprised to find that there are more than just musicals from this era. Imagine. But I still like the musicals best.  Also: Katherine Hepburn. Here she is knitting.


Dance classes started again today.  Back into by routine of sleep, work, dance.  I think I’m ok with that.

It’s finally warm enough to wear just a tank top when I go outside.  It has taken far too long in the summer for it to get to this point.  I wore my tank and my skirt downtown today and moseyed about with Amber.  She was dressed up like a hottie (litterally! in black!  she was warm).

I found my bible.  I dressed it up at one point (in my first or second year of university, probably) in a green jacket with pentagram decorations.  Some people might find this offensive?  I think I meant it as a statement (“if I have to have a bible, it’s going to express my wiccan preferences”).  Now I find it balanced.  I don’t have anything against the bible.  The one I have has those tissue-thin pages, and when Jesus talks, the text is in red. Also, it’s a good, satisfying weight.  Also there are post-its from when I was studying Mark and Revelation in school. So in reality, when I say my religious education only consists of Jesus Christ Superstar, I’m lying a little bit.

I finished “Spadework” last night. It was a really thick book but it didn’t take me long to read. Deceiving. The font was large and there weren’t many words on each page. I like that in a book because I feel speedy. I also like finishing books because then I feel accomplished.

The end of the book came about pretty much with what I was hoping for. Clever-ish. Actually I’m the one who’s clever. I was thinking to myself during the last few pages that this was the story of a bunch of peole who just go about in an ordinary way, living their lives, routine, and that the novel catches them just when the routine is broken, and less-than-ordinary things start to happen to them. I don’t want to say “exciting” or “extraordinary” things because they aren’t. But given the context, things go astray. The image I had in my mind was that of a string, that we live our lives along a string and then at some times that string frays, or in the case of “Spadework” breaks apart with a *pop* (this is just the picture in my head). But then all those bits of fible that make up the string start to heal, and grow back together into a single string again, and routine is restored, and if it’s a novel then the characters are left with a suggestion that things are going to be OK.

What makes me clever is that the author had the same image in mind, pretty much. The last image of the book is that of a river, obstructed a a dam, and then flowing on unchallenged. And that’s what the whole novel is. People overcoming obstacles that aren’t your run of the mill everyday obstacles, but nothing overly dramatic. And at the end I was pretty sure that everything was going to be alright.

I was also thinking as I read that this was little more than a perfectly crafted work. That’s fine, I just like when novelists go a little wacky with their structure.