2011 by Lindsie

Nothing. I don’t remember. No wait. I started a new job. Did I report on this last year? I started a new position with Liquor Licensing (BC Gov) on Jan 4, 2011, the same date I started with them in 2008. It was a pleasant reunion with everyone (there was hugs!) and I’ve had a good year working there. It’s nice to have a permanant job*.

*For now**

**Mum doesn’t like it when I add that part. Hehehe.

Nothing. February sucks.

My birthday. Everyone celebrate!

Nothing. Oh! Except I moved at the end of the month, so I spent most of April worrying about that and packing. Fun story: on April 29 I decided that I Would Watch The Royal Wedding (as this is something that Lindsie is meant to do, having memories of the other royal wedding that happened in 1981). In order to stay up that late- the thing started at 2 in the morning or something,-I needed to keep myself occupied. As I was about to move, the kitchen needed that end-of-occupancy clean out, so I watched the wedding coverage while scrubbing out my fridge and pulling out the stove. I made it all shiney. My landlord was super impressed, and also amused with my Royal Wedding Story.


Dance recitals. I was in two this year, since I was doing classes with two studios. Fun and all but I’m only at one studio this year so hopefully only one recital. This year I did tap with the teacher I had in Duncan (Nanna!) at a new school. We danced to Michael Jackson. That show was at Victoria Event Centre, where they serve alcohol. Note: performing at a place where they serve booze the whole time makes for a fun show, especially if you are late in the line-up. The other show was at the Royal, which isn’t as intimate as the other place, but has a really nice backstage area. Mum and dad came and watched, and my friend Susan, as I did some flamenco and ballet. Good show. We went for dinner afterwards.


Nothing. Actually I think in June I went to Vancouver to see Wicked. That was with my friend Julie, who is my musical theatre friend. We both bought t-shirts even though neither of us meant to. P.S. I love musicals. They make me cry and want to sing along and I love them.

I watched the whole of West Wing and Knitted. Summer! Also, my friends Amber and Mia visited. In our second annual summer fun time, we did fancy dinner, and took double decker busses, and went Craigdarrough castle. We also ate cupcakes.

Some summer dance workshops. Some moping around. Went to work. Benefitted amply from the wealth of my dad’s garden. (Speaking of which, did you know you can buy green beans at the grocery store? Both fresh AND in cans. *Why Would Anyone Do This*? Doesn’t your dad grow way too many and make you take them?)

Whined a lot.

This wasn’t that long ago. I should remember. I got sick around Thanksgiving, which was also exactly when I took my vacation time. I didn’t have any big plans or anything, but I was Quite Annoyed. All year my health has been really good. My doctor suggested, though, that I’m now just catching everything I hadn’t caught yet. I’ve also figured out my asthma so that it’s under contol. I puff a puffer twice a day, with an “emergency” inhaler for when I need it, most importantly, just before my dance classes. Breathing Lindsie is happy Lindsie.

Seriously. I bought flamenco shoes. I don’t have a couch yet, but I do have flamenco shoes. Priorities. I realize that this letter is rather dance-centric, but I think about it a lot. That and how I’m going to feed myself around all my dance classes. Two of my favorite things are dance and eating. Another favorite thing is watching TV but that’s not really something one writes about in their Christmas letter. However, I’m only writing this right now because there’s nothing on to watch.

Hasn’t really happened yet. So far so good. I just vacuumed a bit. I’m trying to make my house clean and tidy before putting up Xmas decorations.

January, 2012.
This hasn’t happened yet, either, but I want to keep going….

February 2012.
I’m going to Spain to take some flamenco workshops. I’m also going to drink sherry, and do other Spain things. Spain has never been on my radar of somewhere to visit so I don’t know what to expect!

And here is a bonus story .

Review of my first day of my new job: just spiffy! I just remembered I have to call Mum to tell her all about it…

1/2 hour later…  I called Mum and I remembered that I forgot things in Duncan.  But I had a lot to bring, so it’s not surprizing.  I made the mistake of hanging my nice pants in the cupboard while I was there, instead of leaving them in the heap in my suitcase.  So I forgot those.  I also forgot some dips and cheese in the fridge.  I remembered the dip when I got home and there are chips here.  But where is the dip??  Arrrg!  I also meant to bring the remaining soy cheese with me because no one will eat it otherwise.

New Year’s!

I am making resolutions.  They are as follows:

1) Be nice

2) Travel

3) Wear skinny jeans

4) Write in my blog every day more than last year semi-sporatically.

That’s all I can think of for now.  Last year I made a springtime resolution to be brave, and that went well.  So you know, I’ll set goals as they come to me.

Valerie (Naomi’s mom – N’s blog is listed at the side) invited me to Vietnam, so I could go there.  I want to learn some things about it first.  Like, anything that isn’t war related, because that’s the only reason I’ve ever thought about Vietnam, and even that isn’t very much.  More passive paying attention (media) than active engagement in the topic.  Not like when I visited England, which I spent much school time studying.

I’ve been in Duncan since December 24.  Mostly eating.  I also went through all the junk I have left here.  I have three piles now: take with me, keepsakes, and recycle.  Mum says I’m just like the shows on TV.  I say those shows are just like me.  My recycle pile isn’t as big as I’d like, but to be truthful, much of my stuff was already pretty organized (by me! previously) and just needed a little consolidation.  What I had to go through were the boxes that Mum dumped my stuff into when she emptied my room.  (Which is where I finally found my tiara!) I have now a bunch of stuff to take home with me to use up (things I’d abandoned when I moved and hadn’t gotten around to again).  I feel consolidated.

Other places I want to travel to:

New York/Eastern US

Places I don’t want to travel to:

Outer Space

Places I’d like to return to:


I almost remember, now, how letting a piece of writing “sit” for a few days makes it better.  I ignored my latest work just from Thursday and even just today (Monday) it doesn’t seem as sucky as I thought it was.  Just needed a little tweaking to make it tolerable, and now I’m going to ignore it for a couple more days.  And it’s so much easier to get rid of those precious paragraphs I thought were so great a few days ago.  It doesn’t fit?  It’s gone!  (Just from this version, of course, I’ll keep it in an earlier draft just in case.  I hate having twinges of memory about previously written stuff that is no longer to be found.  Granted, often I have just imagined that I wrote it down…)

I got back from Duncan last night.  I took a day there after visiting Nanaimo due to train schedules.  Well, train “schedule” singular as it only runs once a day.  I took a long walk in the mud with my mum– that was through trees, and with the rain, there was a lot of mud.  Around behind the neighborhood through to a huge new development full of huge new houses.  Huge, puffy houses.  I am alternately disgusted that the trees are gone, and craving one of my own.  (These examples, however, were a little too huge.)

I also read the Globe and Mail which makes for a pleasant day.

Funny Story

I started knitting again in October. I then started buying knitting supplies, needles and etc. When I told my mum about this, she said not to buy any more needles! Because she had a box in the storage room I could have! I had mostly been buying the connected cable needles, anyway, and the box of knitting needles in the storage room pre-date this concept, as well as me. I don’t think I remember my mum knitting anything for so long as I’ve been around, but she did knit things before that. The big blue and green blanket that was in the TV room in the basement of the Port Alice house. Apparently, a hat for my dad. The box of knitting needles included three generations of supplies, from my great-grandma, my grandma, and my mum. When I was home at Xmas time, I felt that this box was something that I should now have. It is very satisfying, for example, using the double-pointed needles that my great-grandma used to knit socks.

However. When I was home at Xmas, my mum found out about a book called “The Friday Night Knitting Club”. She didn’t find out about it from me, but I had meant to mention it. I’d just forgotten about it. Anyway, I ordered it from the library for her (mostly to show off how I could hack into dad’s library account due to him having his library number and password attached to the computer monitor… no one seemed to have noticed this though). When she read it a little while after I left with all of the knitting needles, she was inspired to start knitting again, and had to get some of her equipment back from me to do it. Neither of us thought that she would knit again so didn’t think twice about me taking everything with me.

When I was home this weekend me and mum watched all her TV shows and knitted. It was lovely and restful. She made dishcloths (because she needs dishcloths and I made her one at Xmas and she liked it) and I made the second fingerless mitt of a pair (I made it twice because I messed up on the first try). We watched a “Bones” and a “Mentalist” and a “Lie to Me” and some other stuff.

Funny Story #2

While we were watching a “Law and Order” franchise show on the Mystery Channel, Dad called up Shaw and cancelled it (like he was planning and had to do before the end of the day which was the last day of the month). The service stopped just as we were going to find out who-dunnit at the end of the show Note: cancelling digi-channels is very quick.

I went to buy my train ticket yesterday by actually going to the “station” on Pandora. Only when I got there, a couple of people were using the agent to plan their cross Canada adventure. I stood there 15 – 20 minutes before the second agent decided this was too long to wait and stopped talking to her friend help me. This was just as the other agent was finishing up so it wasn’t all that helpful.


Standing in line, waiting to get on the train, an annoying child asking questions in a squeaky voice was queued beside me. ‘Please let him sit at the other end of the train’ I thought to myself. But no, he and his dad are right beside me. Lesson learned: indifference is key.

I was in Duncan again this weekend. I have to stop doing this: I have things I should be doing here, instead. Next weekend I will probably stay put? Who knows. That’s so far away from now.

Mum and I visited a gallery in Cedar on Saturday. It was delightful and full of purchase-able trinkets, which I did do (purchase things). There was also a garden and I liked it all.

I also read my first Hermann Hesse this weekend. I think it went well. Not a big story, but written well, and about a painter with much description of that process, so that was handy and made me feel better. A little bit of a thinky book, less than emotional (despite the content) but I liked the thinky (i.e. I tried to stop reading it but then decided I would rather continue to enjoy more of the layers and such). It also wasn’t very long. It was “Rosshalde”.

I also cut beans for bean soup. Cutting beans for soup is different than cutting them for canning. They are cut on an angle, and at about half the length as for canning. This means that it takes a long time to cut them. I was rewarded, however, with a trip to Superstore (for pasta) and WalMart (for a new winter duvet and cover). I was also rewarded with bean soup, made by Mum.

I went to Duncan this weekend. Officially it was because I heard that there was ballet class on Thursday night, which I attended. However, I also took the opportunity to have a visit with Amber (with wine in my parent’s backyard) and also with Naomi (with mojitos in Nanaimo). I took the train from Duncan to Nanaimo and back again on Saturday, which made for a nice day trip. Naomi showed me around her new ‘hood, which is actually my parents’ old hood: when I told them where Naomi lived they conjured up memories of walking to school, where Dad used to live, and Uncle Alec’s house on Third (or Fourth) Street. It was sooo hot but I wore my hat and sunscreen. I also bought some trinkets! I bought them at the first two stores Naomi took me too, and she was sure I was going to buy the city out, but I bought nothing else after that.

I also helped Mum with several projects: I set up her new cell phone (which is a lot like her old cell phone only with a camera) and printed envelopes for the dance school’s newsletter. I also figured out how NOT to have her cell phone on speakerphone, so I’m pretty helpful.

I got home to find a tag on my door that indicated that MY new cell phone is ready to be delivered at some point when I am at home to receive it. I’M READY NOW!

Mum and Dad drove me home today and took brother Jordan and I to early dinner/late lunch. We have decided to go see Star Trek at the IMAX on Tuesday. I’m a Big Fan of IMAX films. The only problem is going to be getting tickets (ahead of time) where Jordan wants to go after work tomorrow but I want to go home right away to collect my new phone.

Mum brought some flowers for me and set them up in vases around my house. I have put the littler of the bouquets by my computer here and I am smelling roses. I have also fresh blueberries, zucchinis, cucumbers, beans, dill, parsley, and plums. The plums are significant as I MISSED THEM COMPLETELY last year. Mum and Dad came down in August last and said to me “the plums are all gone.” This year, I have many plums to consume, and I shall become sick of eating them, as is the proper summertime ritual!

It’s soooo hot. Since getting home I have mostly just lay on my bed with my fan directed on to me, or sat in my chair with the fan directed on me. Eating plums. So decadent.

Oh. At ballet class, Pam is trying to get her students nice and flexible and so is having them put their feet up on the bar (one at a time) in a nice stretch. Having not had a class in 1.5 months, I thought to myself “No way. You can’t make me.” But I did anyway, and I was sore. But not too bad now.

I’ve brought back with me all my HYD books to read. Summertime reading! I’ve also been requesting things like mad from the library, and half of them have come ready all at the same time. Summertime is for reading! (Now that I’m not in school, anyway. When I was in school, summertime was for TV and sewing!)

I’m making pasta for supper with a sauce of taco-flavoured ground turkey, tomatoes and celery. Mm. I’m so hungry but the pasta will not cook fast enough.

I supposed yesterday after finishing my entry, that I should have written about what I actually did yesterday. I got up too late to watch much Sunday morning Corrie, and anyway, dad was watching golf. Apparently I am not addicted to Corrie as this didn’t seem to bother me. I got up and had tea.

A little later Jordan arrived and made breakfast of pancakes and bacon. Mm. I’m so hungry. Jordan, when visiting, arrives around 10 and says “what do you want for breakfast” and then makes whatever. When I arrive home I say “Where’s my present?” This time I got a pretty necklace from Alaska that Mum bought for me on their trip.

A disproportionate amount of time was spent, on the parts of Dad and Jordan, poking fun at me.

Jordan washed his car; me and Mum sat in the pergola. I read HYD, Mum did crosswords. Dad had the radio on outside tuned to CBC (to which it is always tuned). I wasn’t really paying attention to the radio until a man with a British accent was talking and said something funny. It was too bright for me to read outside (I didn’t put my contacts in yesterday and so couldn’t wear my sunglasses) and also Jordan kept threatening me with the spray hose he was using to wash his car. I went inside.

HYD books, being mostly pictures and, you know, being mildly familiar with the story, don’t take me very long to read. My plan was to read as many as I could and bring what I didn’t read back to Vic with me to read here. (Of the English ones. The Japanese ones I have are hard to read.) But I finished them all and now I want more. I’ve just ordered them from the library since they are available there. And since each book only takes me half an hour or so to read, will probably be of better value to me.

That took me to about 2:30, which is when I napped.

I woke at 3 in a panic because I didn’t know what time it was and Mum had said to wake her at 3 to get ready for supper. Since it was just three on the dot everything was ok.

We all went to the CVI for father’s day supper. Only there was still only the lunch menu being served, so Lupper. We sat in big cozy chairs in the pub and ate food. The waitress was nice.

After that someone expressed an interest in the new Canadian Tire and so we went there. I found many sharp things.

And then we went back home, packed up Jordan’s car and came back to Vic. Ta da! That’s when I took lots and lots of echinacea and didn’t get a cold.

It was probably a good idea on my part to come to Duncan and help with the recitals. It was very theraputic, everyone likes me (for the most part) and I got to use my “stern voice” which I don’t get to use very often. Not to mention, you know, pretty hard work and distracting and so keeping me from thinking of my current woes. But also have discovered some perspective: I left these people in Duncan a year and a half ago; they and I went on with our lives; I can return and they still like me; the more I have to leave people behind and start again, the more people I will meet that like me that I can go back to who will help me through woes as needed. I’m ok.

I’ve scheduled an interview for a new position first thing on Monday. This may not have been the most prudent of plans as I predict a number of messages in my voicemail. However I think I start training my replacement on Tues and I don’t know what other chaos (I think I have a meeting) may arise.

I’ve worked myself in to the place where I feel excitement for both being unemployed come July, and for having a new job soon. This is an improvement over 6 or 7 days ago when I was still grieving the last job. Vacation was a good idea. I return to Victoria tomorrow after some Father’s Day food.

I’m eating a peanut butter sandwich off a plate right now. The peanut butter has sugar added to it which for some reason I don’t like as much as plain, nothing added to it, peanut butter. I don’t like peanuts in plain form, but I don’t mind peanut butter, as long as it’s just plain. I don’t mind when there is stuff added, as I am enjoying this sandwich quite well, I would just prefer the other.

P.S. I also have grapes.