I’m making pasta for supper with a sauce of taco-flavoured ground turkey, tomatoes and celery. Mm. I’m so hungry but the pasta will not cook fast enough.

I supposed yesterday after finishing my entry, that I should have written about what I actually did yesterday. I got up too late to watch much Sunday morning Corrie, and anyway, dad was watching golf. Apparently I am not addicted to Corrie as this didn’t seem to bother me. I got up and had tea.

A little later Jordan arrived and made breakfast of pancakes and bacon. Mm. I’m so hungry. Jordan, when visiting, arrives around 10 and says “what do you want for breakfast” and then makes whatever. When I arrive home I say “Where’s my present?” This time I got a pretty necklace from Alaska that Mum bought for me on their trip.

A disproportionate amount of time was spent, on the parts of Dad and Jordan, poking fun at me.

Jordan washed his car; me and Mum sat in the pergola. I read HYD, Mum did crosswords. Dad had the radio on outside tuned to CBC (to which it is always tuned). I wasn’t really paying attention to the radio until a man with a British accent was talking and said something funny. It was too bright for me to read outside (I didn’t put my contacts in yesterday and so couldn’t wear my sunglasses) and also Jordan kept threatening me with the spray hose he was using to wash his car. I went inside.

HYD books, being mostly pictures and, you know, being mildly familiar with the story, don’t take me very long to read. My plan was to read as many as I could and bring what I didn’t read back to Vic with me to read here. (Of the English ones. The Japanese ones I have are hard to read.) But I finished them all and now I want more. I’ve just ordered them from the library since they are available there. And since each book only takes me half an hour or so to read, will probably be of better value to me.

That took me to about 2:30, which is when I napped.

I woke at 3 in a panic because I didn’t know what time it was and Mum had said to wake her at 3 to get ready for supper. Since it was just three on the dot everything was ok.

We all went to the CVI for father’s day supper. Only there was still only the lunch menu being served, so Lupper. We sat in big cozy chairs in the pub and ate food. The waitress was nice.

After that someone expressed an interest in the new Canadian Tire and so we went there. I found many sharp things.

And then we went back home, packed up Jordan’s car and came back to Vic. Ta da! That’s when I took lots and lots of echinacea and didn’t get a cold.

It was probably a good idea on my part to come to Duncan and help with the recitals. It was very theraputic, everyone likes me (for the most part) and I got to use my “stern voice” which I don’t get to use very often. Not to mention, you know, pretty hard work and distracting and so keeping me from thinking of my current woes. But also have discovered some perspective: I left these people in Duncan a year and a half ago; they and I went on with our lives; I can return and they still like me; the more I have to leave people behind and start again, the more people I will meet that like me that I can go back to who will help me through woes as needed. I’m ok.

I’ve scheduled an interview for a new position first thing on Monday. This may not have been the most prudent of plans as I predict a number of messages in my voicemail. However I think I start training my replacement on Tues and I don’t know what other chaos (I think I have a meeting) may arise.

I’ve worked myself in to the place where I feel excitement for both being unemployed come July, and for having a new job soon. This is an improvement over 6 or 7 days ago when I was still grieving the last job. Vacation was a good idea. I return to Victoria tomorrow after some Father’s Day food.

I’m eating a peanut butter sandwich off a plate right now. The peanut butter has sugar added to it which for some reason I don’t like as much as plain, nothing added to it, peanut butter. I don’t like peanuts in plain form, but I don’t mind peanut butter, as long as it’s just plain. I don’t mind when there is stuff added, as I am enjoying this sandwich quite well, I would just prefer the other.

P.S. I also have grapes.

Vacation day three.

(I didn’t post on days one and two but here’s what happened:

Vacation. Day one. I got up early and walked down to the train station to catch the train to Duncan. My vacation plans are not too extensive, it seems. The train ride was nice with the sunny day and the trees. I like taking the train because it affords glimpses into people’s backyards. I saw two treehouses. The train also allowed for a short existential crisis re: upcoming lack of job/upcoming new job/having to leave friends at old job. The soundtrack for this was Radiohead, which was perhaps the precipitor, as it is rather gloomy music. I arrived in Duncan to just miss my dad coming to find me at the station, but then, the plan had been to meet him at Coffee on the Moon, where he usually is on a Saturday morning with chums. He found me anyway.

I was at my “Duncan home” for five minutes before off again for garage sale-ing. I got a lot of sun but no new possessions as I have little space in my apartment for new junk. There was a beautiful formica table with old-school vinyl covered chairs… but I have no room for this kind of thing yet. There was a battered old dictionary that caught my eye, but I already have a bunch of those. I was however interesting to see all the houses being built in Crofton.

After garage sale-ing, I napped. Then homemade pizza and cider for dinner. (Although technically the cider was made at a u-brew). Then watching telly with Mum. Then bed.

I’m reading “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” on my vacation. So far I’m only impressed by its cleverness, but I’ll let you know.

Vacation, day two involved me getting up early to catch up on Coronation St. Usually when I am up early to watch Corrie I wake up during the first episode, then get up an do stuff during the remaining four. This stuff includes ironing or receiving breakfast– as was the case during my stay at the fancy hotel– or tidying of my house. Stuff I can do with Corrie in the backgorund. This Sunday however, I just watch straight through and I was a little bored by the end. 2.5 hours is a bit long to sit still. But part of this wasn’t just laziness. I’ve also been having cottonwood allergies while I’m here, and my nose is runny and eyes are itchy and so was feeling a bit gross and sitting and being entertained for a while sometimes helps this. In this case it worked along with a couple spoonfuls of Benadryl allergy meds.

After Corrie, Mum and I ate french toast and went shopping at Superstore and Wal-Mart where I got my list and nothing more. Pretty good considering these are two places where I will usually find pieces of clothing that appeal to me too much to leave behind. I avioded this, however, as much of what appealed to me were items I already own (like hippie shirts and short-sleeved blouses).

After shopping was nap time.

After my nap, which lasted longer than I expected it to, was early supper of chicken, rice and brussel sprouts. The reason for early supper was because Mum and I had a party to go to celebrating the retirement of Kim, the dance teacher. We were so early! But others quickly joined us and Kim had a big surprise. There was cake and balloons. I got to tell everyone about how I am laid off at the end of the month, but being a dance crowd they didn’t seem to care as how I acquire my money is secondary to attendance at dance class, and will I be moving back to Duncan to take dance class there instead. So great.

After the party Mum and I organized stuff for the rehearsals, then watched TV, then went to bed.)

Now back to vacation: day three. Nothing has happened because I just got up. Except I’ve had some tea and written some stuff (see above). I’m thinking about doing the task Mum had left for me to finish up.. but it’s not due until Friday.

I just just just talked to Mom and Dad Simpson via Kimberly on facebook. I feel like I’ve been hugged and am very happy.

Mom and Dad Simpson are of course Kimberly’s parents. I send them my x-mas letter if I write one and the occasional issue of T.S. (the one titled “Kimberly” for example).

They used to visit Victoria when Kimberly lived here, and when K lived in Victoria she lived with me! They would camp on our living room floor (first in our cluster house in res at UVic, and then in our apartment on Belcher) and I have been assured that this is what they are doing now on a visit to K in Quesnel. Once they made a big dinner of spaghetti and while we were eating it, Jordan and Alli showed up and there was of course enough for them as well. (Even though Jordan and Alli were most polite and declined at first.)

Another time, in res, Kimberly (or Tanya I don’t remember) had a sheet that we hung on the wall and we all drew on it with crayola markers. Mom and Dad S were there and they were excited about it and it was a party.

I don’t have any crayola markers at the moment. Maybe that’s what my life is missing.

Anyway. They sent me hugs and kisses over the internet. They laughed when I told them that my cure for my hangover last weekend was to go to ballet class. That started because Dad S said that he used to party Fri and Sat night when he lived in Victoria and then go for a walk on the beach on Sun. To which Mom S replied, the walk was to get over his hangover.

They also laughed when I asked if they had made food for Kimberly while they were there, but I guess they went out for dinner instead, which I guess is pretty much the same thing. (This is what Mum and Dad — no initial needed — do.)

I told them how pleased I am with myself, working and dancing and making new chums.

I’m tired tonight. I already had a nap after dance class. Dance class kicked my ass, but I felt strong and not tired so that’s getting better. I’ve decided not to participate in the end of year shindig, just because I don’t really want to perform this year. Last year I was, of all things, annoyed that I had to get up in front of people. It was fun in the end, but maybe I need to not perform this year so I will like it again next year? I don’t know. I’m a big fan of dance class, where I don’t have to perform, just get my ass kicked. Although maybe I’ll change my mind. In class today, after I’d spoken to my teacher of my decision, I was thinking to myself, shoot, maybe it would be fun. But then the real reason I don’t want to do it is because I will either be without a job at the end of the month (stressful) or starting a new job at some point (also stressful) and I don’t want to anxiety myself into sickness or breakdown. Also, I have technically requested holidays for the middle week of June with the original intention of skipping town and going to hang out at the Carlson’s recitals like I always do. But you know, if I don’t get those holidays due to only being extended to the end of June I could always do the end of year shindig with my own dance school.

This is how my head is circling. It’s not a manic circle! It’s just circling. But my first choice (because in reality I Always know what I really want to do) I want my vacation days and I want to go to Duncan for a week and watch dancing. I just keep having to have back up plans for everything. Arg. But I’d rather do the prep work than snap.

I just stubbed my toe on the floor and now it hurts. Hoo hoo!

Susan said I can link to her blog so maybe I will.

I’ve been having fun at work again. This can only mean that something is going to happen: I am going to get shifted to a new position; or I am going to lose my job completely. History shows that when I start having fun, something changes, and the only thing I can see right now that will cause change is that my current auxilliary term ends May 31. Auxilary terms aren’t currently being extended due to budget/the economy/impending doom. I’m going to plan a holiday for the first week of June.

I plan to go to Duncan this weekend. I still have to phone Mum to see if this will work, so that plan is subject to change. Also, I’m feeling whimsical, so that’s actually more of the reason why things are subject to change.

I may have forgotten to write here for a week. I was sick but that’s not really an excuse. Oh well.

It was by birthday yesterday. Despite having work to go to, it was ok and I was in a pretty good mood all day long. I purchased many things from Staples as presents for myself: bright paper, a whole roll of stamps, Tiny String envelopes, and pens. How indugent.

I was in Duncan on the weekend and I got presents from my family as well: a set of pots, magazines, baking sheets (more on these later), t-shirts. I also had a birthday feast: my dad and brother deep-fried things in the turkey fryer including fish and chips. I had been craving fish and chips for several weeks so that worked out well. Mum also made strawberry shortcake for my birthday cake. So all in all I wasn’t hungry again until noon the next day.

In Duncan I also did a lot of recovering from being sick: ie watching television and napping. Napping took up quite a lot of my time actually. How I know I was sick is that I could have an hour’s worth of nap and still be achingly tired at the normal bed time. If I have that long of a nap when I am healthy I stay awake longer into the night.

Also: now I have a breadmaker. Which, consequently, means that I have fresh bread. I tried a “large” loaf last night and it is far too big. But of the size options given it was the mediumest choise to make. In the meantime, the large loaf makes super-sized sandwiches. Or “double” sandwiches, as I have made one for my second lunch today and actually have cut it in half (as the whole thing wouldn’t fit in a sandwich container) and now have two sandwiches. I’ll save one for my second lunch on Thurs.

(I could have written the things in that last paragraph in a better way. I know this.)

Instead of going to Duncan I am going to stay here and eat tomatoes because I have several. They are real tomatoes, smell right and everything. Maybe I’ll drink some wine? It’s a question because whenever I think about it I feel a headache starting. I was only thinking about it!!