Tonight I can hear the tv from Someone Else’s Apartment.  This doesn’t usually happen.  Usually this only happens on Monday nights when there is a new “CSI: Miami” on because my neighbors watch it really loud.  I don’t mind– I used to be watching it too.  I don’t mind now that I don’t watch it as it seems to be the only thing they ever watch.

I caught a cold today.  Work gave it to me, I think.  Stupid cold.  I came home and sucked back on my asthma inhaler to try and prevent that whole debacle.  The asthma debacle, I mean.  Also an indication that I am sick:  I had tea with caffeine in it to try and stay awake at work, and then had a nap when I got home.  Caffeine and sleep aren’t normally compatable in my body.  Although I do seem to be pretty awake and keen to go now, and it’s pretty late.

For some reason I’m not computing words when they are written vertical.  Or numbers either.  I was just now sure that my music playlist was out of order, listing “1,2,3” but that’s a pretty routine sequence, wouldn’t you say.  Another example, in letters, is the word “church” that is written on a building near my work in great, big, letters.  I looked up at this the other day and my brain thought it was a loopy, decorative maze or something.  A second later I could see the letters again, but it was wacky not seeing them for a second.  (P.S. The word “church” is on an actual church, if you were wondering).

Also today I got a funny look for describing the big painting on the side of a building (another building, not the church) as a “mural”.  But that’s what paintings are called when they’re huge and on the sides of buildings, right?  I am obviously pretentious, not just aware of the correct words for things.

I came up with a mildly clever transition today, joining two previously seperate stories.  At least I hope it’s clever.  When transitions aren’t clever they read like the woogly-woogly lines in “Wayne’s World”.  And the more I read, and the more I try to write transitions, the more I see the woogly-woogly effect.

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