Instead of watching tv i’m going to write.  Let’s see how this pans out considering how tired my arms are.

Speaking of tv, and specifically Thursday night tv, apparently the mum of one of the actors on Bones works in my building.  The actor plays the boss lady who does autopsies, or at least the skin and squishy bits that Bones doesn’t want to deal with because Bones only likes bones.  And she’s pretty?  I don’t remember the name of the character or the actor.  Anyway her mum works in my building, I’ve heard.

I can feel that spring is coming.  Combine this with a recent full moon? and Lindsie is feeling a little crazy.  I’m better today but I spent a weekend freaking out about things.  I just sort of sat back and watched what bubbled up.  Monday though I just wanted my brain to shut off for a while so I could get back to Normaltown.  Well, at least the outskirts of Normaltown.  Well, I can usually see Normaltown.  On a good day.

I like wearing my contacts as they make my face feel free.  I’ve worn my glasses all winter.  When I first got my contacts a year ago (approx) I felt shy because so much of my face was exposed, but now I don’t care about that.  I didn’t wear them for a while because it’s a pain putting them in and taking them out and sometimes it takes 2 or 3 tries if they have something on them that makes my eyes itchy, or if they are on inside out.  But I’m ready to wear them again, I think.  I’ll have to buy some more.

My upper back is sore… and then it’s not sore for a while, and then it really hurts and feels like it’s seizing.  That’s probably not good.  I’m going to hang my head in sadness because this is a nice stretch for it.

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