It’s remembrance day so I spent some time remembering, and thinking. It doesn’t feel like enough.

I’m showing symptoms: sore throat, tight chest and a bit of a cough. It’s the chest part that worries me, but only because it lasts. There are respiratory problems with H1N1, but my chest always gets tight when I’m sick so I don’t know if I should worry about it in this new way or not. While I think about that I’m knitting and writing my Nano. While I knit I have “The Eyre Affair” on CD to listen to. I’m going to start a new patten, though, so I think I’ll have to leave the “book” off for a while so I can think about my rounds. (Of knitting… and each one is going to be different, which is why I have to think and leave off the book, which would either be distracting, or wouldn’t get listened to properly).

I use the word “probably” too much in my writing. Things should either be what they are, or not, and no probably about it. I occasionally blame my characters for their indecisiveness; however, ultimately, their indecisiveness is my fault, isn’t it?

There was nothing on TV last night so I wrote instead. I wish this was how things progressed in my normal routine.

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