Amusing anecdote about Lindsie # 1: I occasionally am baffled by the element guides on my stove. As in, I look at them and can’t tell which knob is going to turn on a particular element. I usually take the few seconds needed to decipher whether I am about to turn on the front or back element, but once or twice I have put on the wrong one, resulting in a sad pot of non-boiled water and me having to wait longer for my pasta.

Amusing acecdote about Lindsie # 2: My mum makes good pickles. I usually keep these in good stock, but I have lately run out and needed to go buy some store-bought pickles for my hamburgers. I feel a little guilty when I do this, and also a little annoyed at having to pay for pickles. Added to this is the fact that I don’t entirely trust store-bought pickles. Not about the taste, which is fine if not as good as my mum’s, or the cost or anything. They just seem suspicious and smug to me. Also, at the store they have the jars labled “GARLIC” and “NO GARLIC” adding to my stress since I didn’t know that garlic was even an issue when it comes to pickles. Also, why would they say “NO GARLIC” if there is no garlic? Why not just leave that label off? Vexing. No peanuts, maybe, no dairy would be cool. “THESE CRACKERS HAVE NO DAIRY IN THEM WHATSOEVER.” Yes.

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