I just watched “chorus line” and I liked it a lot. A little spooky in the way we get to know all the characters, but the point of the show is all about how dancers in the chorus are meant to look the same. And in the end, aftere spending two hours getting individualized, they all come out in matching costumes and we can no longer tell them apart. Spooky! They do a very nice kick line though– the finale bit is why I like the show so much– but it’s so great because the characteristics of the dancers are wiped out. Poor dancers.

Anyway my trip over here was just lovely except that it hasn’t been raining the whole time like the forecast said. So I’m wearing my big nerdy raincoat instead of my cute winter jacjet. Curses! But the real thing I was worried about was the ferry being late and having to wait for the bus in Tswassen for an hour because it only leaves on the hour and exactly on the hour even if the ferry is late. But the ferry was perfectly on time, and the were two busses waiting: one expressing right to the new Bridgeport skytrain hub. I like when transit corresponds pleasantly.

I made a quick stop at Dressew as soon as I got here and picked up many circular knitting needles because they were cheep cheep cheep. Now I have to do many projects. But not during this trip as I have no yarns with me.

The crowd staying in the room below me in this here hotel is loud. My bets are on me sleeping soundly anyway.

Yaaar. Chorus Line.

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