I just just just talked to Mom and Dad Simpson via Kimberly on facebook. I feel like I’ve been hugged and am very happy.

Mom and Dad Simpson are of course Kimberly’s parents. I send them my x-mas letter if I write one and the occasional issue of T.S. (the one titled “Kimberly” for example).

They used to visit Victoria when Kimberly lived here, and when K lived in Victoria she lived with me! They would camp on our living room floor (first in our cluster house in res at UVic, and then in our apartment on Belcher) and I have been assured that this is what they are doing now on a visit to K in Quesnel. Once they made a big dinner of spaghetti and while we were eating it, Jordan and Alli showed up and there was of course enough for them as well. (Even though Jordan and Alli were most polite and declined at first.)

Another time, in res, Kimberly (or Tanya I don’t remember) had a sheet that we hung on the wall and we all drew on it with crayola markers. Mom and Dad S were there and they were excited about it and it was a party.

I don’t have any crayola markers at the moment. Maybe that’s what my life is missing.

Anyway. They sent me hugs and kisses over the internet. They laughed when I told them that my cure for my hangover last weekend was to go to ballet class. That started because Dad S said that he used to party Fri and Sat night when he lived in Victoria and then go for a walk on the beach on Sun. To which Mom S replied, the walk was to get over his hangover.

They also laughed when I asked if they had made food for Kimberly while they were there, but I guess they went out for dinner instead, which I guess is pretty much the same thing. (This is what Mum and Dad — no initial needed — do.)

I told them how pleased I am with myself, working and dancing and making new chums.

I’m tired tonight. I already had a nap after dance class. Dance class kicked my ass, but I felt strong and not tired so that’s getting better. I’ve decided not to participate in the end of year shindig, just because I don’t really want to perform this year. Last year I was, of all things, annoyed that I had to get up in front of people. It was fun in the end, but maybe I need to not perform this year so I will like it again next year? I don’t know. I’m a big fan of dance class, where I don’t have to perform, just get my ass kicked. Although maybe I’ll change my mind. In class today, after I’d spoken to my teacher of my decision, I was thinking to myself, shoot, maybe it would be fun. But then the real reason I don’t want to do it is because I will either be without a job at the end of the month (stressful) or starting a new job at some point (also stressful) and I don’t want to anxiety myself into sickness or breakdown. Also, I have technically requested holidays for the middle week of June with the original intention of skipping town and going to hang out at the Carlson’s recitals like I always do. But you know, if I don’t get those holidays due to only being extended to the end of June I could always do the end of year shindig with my own dance school.

This is how my head is circling. It’s not a manic circle! It’s just circling. But my first choice (because in reality I Always know what I really want to do) I want my vacation days and I want to go to Duncan for a week and watch dancing. I just keep having to have back up plans for everything. Arg. But I’d rather do the prep work than snap.

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