I’ve been using a lot of paint on my painting. This is because it takes a lot of paint to make it look how I want it to look. Painting is getting heavy. Literally.

Instead of sliding my foot along the floor whilst moving into second position plie in dance class, I stubbed my toe. Then later someone kicked my hand with their grand battement to the back. When this happened I said sorry. For you know, getting my hand in the way. The more dance class I do the worse I am getting. So great. (Not really! I just want to sound cool.)

Everything is normal. (Not really! Nothing is ever normal. You should know that.)

That’s all the superficial stuff.

I should probably be more stressed out about work. However I have been extended for another month, so I don’t have to worry about potential unemployment yet. I’m also getting some retro pay since my job was reclassified, so that’s neat. I’m telling everyone that if I don’t have a job in July I’m going to sleep in and it’s this kind of thought that is keeping me from getting too anxious. I’m not lying when I say this. Whenever I start freaking out I just imagine myself lounging in bed on a Tuesday and those feelings just dissappear. Although it is easier to get up in the morning now that the sun is shining at 6 in the morning. Unless it’s raining like it was on Tuesday. I’m happy to have my spring and summer clothes out and my new navy blue undergarment.

I keep forgetting that I meant to do a Tiny String for May. I guess I still have a few days, including a weekend, to do that. I have one sort of half written. And I have another one sort of thought up. No focus! And I’ve been covering myself in paint instead. AND drinking cider, which does not increase productivity but does promote glee.

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