partial list of songs I will cover when I am a famous pop singer:
1. enter sandman by metallica
2. lose yourself by eminem

that’s all I can think of for now.

I forgot to report how I took the PCL bus to Vancouver instead of basic transit like I usually do. My review is thus: taking basic transit to Vancouver is dumb.

I want a hair cut. Only whenever I phone a hair place they want me to be specific. So do you want it cut or styled or coloured…? And specifically I want it cut and styled. Specifics are annoying. “I want my hair to look pretty” is what I will say this time. Maybe they’ll put sparkles and a tiara in it!

One thought on “

  1. I just realised that I put my last comment on the wrong post.

    Silly me. But: I love the tiny string page. I’d forgotten about ‘Squeaky’ lol!

    Time for lunch again! and/or crafties?

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