New post!  I started Tiny String 23 this weekend.  It may be mistakenly labelled as “24” in some places.  This is a mild accident because I started another issue 23 but didn’t like it/decided it wasn’t ready for sharing.  Therefore, I am numerically confused.

This weekend I will not be seeing Simon & Garfunkel in concert.  Who knows what I’ll get up to.

Food:  Shredded Wheat.  Grapes!  Spaghetti with sauce from a tin.

Review of “Beatrice & Virgil” by Yann Martel.

I went to the library today because my book was ready for pick-up.  First off, I love picking up books from off my Holds list, because the library spits them out onto a special shelf for me to pick up, with a slip of paper marking it as mine.  “L Nic” is what this paper reads.  At least, that’s what I think it reads.  I usually remove it immediately upon picking up the book from the shelf (which I do, by the way, with a professional “this is mine” sort of way) and flick it into the recycle bin left on the bottom of the stack, just for such a purpose.  Perhaps I should start keeping them.  I could write thoughts on them, or such.  Grocery lists.

“Beatrice and Virgil” is the new work from Yann Martel, who wrote “Life of Pi,” a book I enjoyed despite the talking animals.  Based on the cover of this book, which shows the sillouettes of a donkey and the monkey, I am in for some more talking animals.  OK.  What actually intrigued me about this one, though, was that he originally planned for it to be a flip-over kind of book. He was prevented from doing so because… well it was because his publishers talked him out of it, but the article doesnt say why they talked him out of it.  I have my own suspicions:  printing costs, no one would “get it”, it’s just too weird.

The final version is here in front of me and the the only bit of flipiness that the publishers could let through is the cover.  It does indeed “flip,” with the back cover looking like it should open into a whole new story. It doesn’t though, and that makes me a little sad.

I’ll get over my sadness, though, since the titling (title-ing?)  looks as though it has been inky-pressed onto canvas, and that quite tickles my fancy.   I guess I should read the story inside too, but so far I’m enjoying the outside quite a lot.

P.S.  I also like that it is a very thin book.  My last book was too heavy.

I’ve been using a lot of paint on my painting. This is because it takes a lot of paint to make it look how I want it to look. Painting is getting heavy. Literally.

Instead of sliding my foot along the floor whilst moving into second position plie in dance class, I stubbed my toe. Then later someone kicked my hand with their grand battement to the back. When this happened I said sorry. For you know, getting my hand in the way. The more dance class I do the worse I am getting. So great. (Not really! I just want to sound cool.)

Everything is normal. (Not really! Nothing is ever normal. You should know that.)

That’s all the superficial stuff.

I should probably be more stressed out about work. However I have been extended for another month, so I don’t have to worry about potential unemployment yet. I’m also getting some retro pay since my job was reclassified, so that’s neat. I’m telling everyone that if I don’t have a job in July I’m going to sleep in and it’s this kind of thought that is keeping me from getting too anxious. I’m not lying when I say this. Whenever I start freaking out I just imagine myself lounging in bed on a Tuesday and those feelings just dissappear. Although it is easier to get up in the morning now that the sun is shining at 6 in the morning. Unless it’s raining like it was on Tuesday. I’m happy to have my spring and summer clothes out and my new navy blue undergarment.

I keep forgetting that I meant to do a Tiny String for May. I guess I still have a few days, including a weekend, to do that. I have one sort of half written. And I have another one sort of thought up. No focus! And I’ve been covering myself in paint instead. AND drinking cider, which does not increase productivity but does promote glee.

I had a super keen weekend.  I tried to stay in my pajamas for most of it (after ballet class ended at 1pm on Sat, of course) but I did get cabin fever at around noon on Sunday and went for a stroll.  This resulted in a hurty back, which is still vexing me.  But it was a good walk: down Cook St, around Beacon Hill Park, up Douglas, Dollar Giant and then home.  (I bribed myself with the going to Dollar Giant).

After some weird scanning hastled (pages getting flip-turned around so they were printing wrong) Tiny String 18 is sitting on my table in two piles: on of the cover, and one off all the non-collated pages.  So pretty!  So fun.  Aethsetically, anyway, I am very pleased.  I always feel that the story part could do with more editing, but that’s what I get for making them so quickly.  I’m usually happy enough if there are no typos.  (Fingers crossed, though.)

My day:

Got up, organized things, oatmeal, ballet.

Pancakes, nap, zine-ing, supper.

Zine-ing, snack, TV. Now it’s now.

The nap part took a larger percentage of my day than I expected. The zine in question is about 3 pounds in mock-up format. Hearty!

My parents are in town this weekend. This, as always, indicates grocery shopping and wine. Good times.

It’s a busy weekend. Last night I went to a ballet with a work chum, and tomorrow will be hanging with mum and dad some more. Nothing is planned for next weekend, though.

I have two writing projects on the go: one is the next Tiny String, amazingly about a month after the last episode, the other is a longer work I’m pecking at occasionally (since there is some activity going on it, I will consider it “on the go” even if it’s just a little bit here and there.)

I am also 1/3 into the last season of West Wing. This project has been more time consuming and grueling that originally planned… OK no, I’ve just been lazy and only want to watch TV! Next I’m going to re-watch Hana Yori Dango seasons one and two, followed by the movie, which I haven’t watched yet. It’s nearing spring time, which makes me think of cherry blossoms… which makes me think of HYD of course. Of Course!

I had a dream last night that a figure skater was dancing up on the arena boards and then fell down and injured himself.  Or herself?  I think it was Susan.

I restocked my naturopathic supplements yesterday.  Just to say:  I do not like the term “supplements” very much.  They are “pills”.  When I arrive at the naturopath and demand “More Pills!” however, I feel a bit creepy.

Tiny String 17 is not only written but has made it into it’s first paper form:  that where I cut and paste the words onto the mock-up (with pictures, etc) before scanning into my computer.  I like this part the best.  It’s too bad I actually have to write something before I get to it (that’s not actually true, i could make books all day long with little to no content, it’s just a rule I have.)  Being at this stage inspires me to write more things, so that’s good.  My other favorite part of the process is deciding what colour paper to print the final product on, and figuring out how to produce the cover.  I haven’t gotten to this stage yet.

Concept for a Zine

I’ve finally thought of something interesting to do. It will be a smallish publication, the mechanics of which I borrow (pilfer) from Feebs. The first part is the title, “Little String” which is the first part that came to me. Each issue/installment will be dedicated to a single person. Reading the book one way will present all of the facts that I know about this person, perhaps in list form, perhaps in anecdotes I remember. Turning the book over and upside down will present another version of the person, one I make up in a story that I completely make up about them, perhaps based a little on what I know about them, but probably more to do with the imaginary vision I have of them (it could be that only the person I am writing about will know the truth about this!) Then, just for fun, I will bind each booklet with string. My copyright info and publication details will do in the very center, I think, so there is neither of the versions is the first one/right one.

I can do this because the laser printer beside me is working again.

I have another book on the go now, too, that I can actually put together properly because my mum just got Publisher. (Publisher WILL DO.)