Concept for a Zine

I’ve finally thought of something interesting to do. It will be a smallish publication, the mechanics of which I borrow (pilfer) from Feebs. The first part is the title, “Little String” which is the first part that came to me. Each issue/installment will be dedicated to a single person. Reading the book one way will present all of the facts that I know about this person, perhaps in list form, perhaps in anecdotes I remember. Turning the book over and upside down will present another version of the person, one I make up in a story that I completely make up about them, perhaps based a little on what I know about them, but probably more to do with the imaginary vision I have of them (it could be that only the person I am writing about will know the truth about this!) Then, just for fun, I will bind each booklet with string. My copyright info and publication details will do in the very center, I think, so there is neither of the versions is the first one/right one.

I can do this because the laser printer beside me is working again.

I have another book on the go now, too, that I can actually put together properly because my mum just got Publisher. (Publisher WILL DO.)

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