I may have forgotten to write here for a week. I was sick but that’s not really an excuse. Oh well.

It was by birthday yesterday. Despite having work to go to, it was ok and I was in a pretty good mood all day long. I purchased many things from Staples as presents for myself: bright paper, a whole roll of stamps, Tiny String envelopes, and pens. How indugent.

I was in Duncan on the weekend and I got presents from my family as well: a set of pots, magazines, baking sheets (more on these later), t-shirts. I also had a birthday feast: my dad and brother deep-fried things in the turkey fryer including fish and chips. I had been craving fish and chips for several weeks so that worked out well. Mum also made strawberry shortcake for my birthday cake. So all in all I wasn’t hungry again until noon the next day.

In Duncan I also did a lot of recovering from being sick: ie watching television and napping. Napping took up quite a lot of my time actually. How I know I was sick is that I could have an hour’s worth of nap and still be achingly tired at the normal bed time. If I have that long of a nap when I am healthy I stay awake longer into the night.

Also: now I have a breadmaker. Which, consequently, means that I have fresh bread. I tried a “large” loaf last night and it is far too big. But of the size options given it was the mediumest choise to make. In the meantime, the large loaf makes super-sized sandwiches. Or “double” sandwiches, as I have made one for my second lunch today and actually have cut it in half (as the whole thing wouldn’t fit in a sandwich container) and now have two sandwiches. I’ll save one for my second lunch on Thurs.

(I could have written the things in that last paragraph in a better way. I know this.)

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