My hair is so long it’s distracting me from work. Seriously. I missed a call today because I was preening.

Oh just kidding but I came pretty close.

I’ve been lying in bed each morning and not wanting to get up because I am warm and cozy. I continue to dream until it’s well past the time I would usually consider too late, and then I get up an rush around to get ready. I don’t know how to make my bed less cozy, so I guess this is going to have to continue.

I watched “Watchmen” on Sunday, and actually, the big blue penis wasn’t as important as everyone I talked to about it prior to seeing the movie made it out to be. Dude was just naked. Or maybe since it was hyped up for me I was expecting more. I watched for it for like half an hour before I got a good view, but really, no big deal was made of it. (And that’s my review of the movie.)

I have to find out the hours of the Bay Cafeteria and post them at my desk. They have weird hours, at least at dinner time, and as this is becoming One Of My Favorite Places To Eat, I should know when I can and cannot go. For example, the downtown Victoria Smitty’s restaurant closes every day at 3pm, so no dinner. Also, in my own neighbourhood, Rosie’s diner closes at 8. So dinner, but no on Monday because it’s closed (at least last time I checked.)

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