I have a cold. Again. Urg.

The good news is, I had a nap today.

The other good news is that now I have benefits and, therefore, sick days.

Some more good news is that I’ve started drawing again. Just in the old style, with a pen. I found like six books that I’d made and then filled with various marks and such and was inspired. I was also delighted because I’m funny and I draw funny. You can quote me on that. In fact, quote me on that now, and often.

Some annoying news is that I’ve been playing with my web page and it is no longer showing up at puddlelilies.com. For now– it’s just a glitch I hope.

I had a dream during my nap and apparently it’s the second time I’ve had it. At least, while I was having the dream, I was thinking to myself that I’d had it before. 1) I’m in a car with my partner (like I’m in the FBI and we’re on a case). 2) We get to the place we’re going, look around and then my partner finds some stairs and goes down and I follow. This whole time it’s too bright and I have to cover my eyes. 3) When we’re down the stairs we’re looking around I notice there’s a window and Mulder and Scully are watching us, only they’re really big, and it seems that when my partner and I came down the stairs we also shrunk and walked ourselves into a diorama box. 4) Then there’s some people chasing us. 5) Then we’re in the car again and pulling off the blanket we had put over the window before because the light was too bright for me when we were driving before.

I haven’t had a dream where I couldn’t open my eyes for a long time. Am I missing something?

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