Today was Chatsworth House day. It was beautiful. We had to walk 2km to get to the house from the nearest village, Baslow. Most of the walk looked like this:

It rained a bit and sunned a bit, but it was otherwise really warm. Really warm. I haven’t been cold all day.

First view of Chatsworth House (there are some renovations going on):

The reason for going to Chatsworth House was there is a fashion exhibit happening and I wanted to see it. It was good- lots of old things mixed in with modern, all things worn by people from or visiting the house. I should have studied the blurbs more. I have a pamphlet about it I can read later. Here is some fashion:

(I thought the feathered neckline looked nice on the bald mannequin)

After Chatsworth House, we travelled to York on the train, grabbed some Chinese take-away, and now bedtime! We have a beautiful AirBnB in York.

Tomorrow is the start of York adventures.

(Updated Oct 14 to add photos)

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