I didn’t write yesterday because we were out late. Susan and I watched a production of Midsummer Night’s Dream that included both Shakespeare’s play And incidental music by Mendelssohn. It was a delight. But, as I have watched a few productions of Midsummer Night’s Dream as well as many other plays, I had some notes for them.

It was in the Sheldonian Theatre, which is at the heart of Oxford. Here is my view of the inside:

It was a fun venue, and was originally build for university ceremonies, no not a normal theatre set-up.

Today we hung out in Oxford for a bit, then lunched at a pub called The Crown, before meeting up for a Morse Tour – I got to see lots of places where all versions were and are still being filmed, as well as hear some stories about what it’s like in Oxford when they’re being filmed. The tour guide had some tid-bits from her chats with Colin Dexter, which I liked.

I’ve summarized the above because I’m tired due to the the following:

Right after the Morse tour, Susan and I walked back to our AirBnB, collected our suitcases and headed straight for the train station. I say “straight for” like we zipped there, but it was a bit of a bus adventure trying to find a bus that would drop us at, or even near, the Oxford train station. There is construction on the way, so the bus I thought would get us there wasn’t going there. Lucky there were some helpful bus drivers to get us on the right bus. Also luckily, we had left plenty of time to get there.

So we got to the station, ate pork pies, got on our train, switched trains in Birmingham, and now are in a B&B in Chesterfield.

Chatsworth House tomorrow.

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