Today we spent most of the day wandering between appointments for fittings for the clothes we ordered yesterday. Everything is satisfactory. Right now it’s almost 4pm and almost time for our last fitting at Yaly (my new suit is gorgeous).

We also had lunch. I had cau lau, (pron. cow lau) which I’ve had every day for lunch since being in Hoi An.

wpid-IMG_20140724_131014.jpgIt’s seasoned pork, greens, thick rice noodles, and sauce. It also comes with rice crackers – shown is a white puffy one, but I’ve also had it with brown crispy ones. It’s very yum and a specialty of Hoi An, which is why I’ve been eating it every day. Apparently my face lit up when I fisrt saw it but this is no surprise as it comes in a bowl, and I am a fan of food that comes in a bowl.

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