I’ve been a bit of a socialite for the past couple of days. I had some clothes and shoes custom made, and in between fittings I had lunches, and went in the pool, and went to the spa to have my nails done. It sounds relaxing but I’m exhausted.

Today I am in the train station at Da Nang, waiting for a train that is 45 minutes late. It’s a 10 hour ride to Na Tranh but have several things to keep me occupied.

Last night when I got back from dinner, my new suit was waiting for me at reception of the hotel as it had been delivered for me. It’s now crammed in my suitcase. With new clothes and shoes, my suitcase is just a titch heavier now, but I was still able to lift it on to the bus.

Just for reference as to how hot it is, as I sit here using my thumbs to type, I am dripping in sweat. I’ve taken to having my hankie with me so that I may blot, but I didn’t think the wait this morning would be so long and I packed said hankie deep within my suitcase somewhere. Hoo. Drippy.

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