Yesterday afternoon, after ordering all our clothes, after a long lunch at one of the restaurants along the river here, and after a swim in the hotel pool, Julie and I went for a spa. (I had a nap in there too, sometime.)

We went to a place not too far a walk down the road. As we were walking, we noted it was getting windy, and that the sun was gone (the morning had been quite hot). As we approached the spa a few drops were falling; as we lounged at the front of the spa, waiting for our treatments, the rain started; when we were lying down for a massage (Lindsie) and scrub (Julie) we could hear the rain pounding on the roof above. Very soothing with Enya in the background.

I watched the rain pour later as I got a pedicure. It was so hard that for a little while there was water flooding under the doorway of the spa. Lots of rain. People walking by with rain ponchos and umbrellas. Unprepared tourists soaking wet. Motocycle drivers with their ponchos over the handlebars and a passenger huddles behind them and under the same poncho.

By the time we’re were done the rain was gone. Good timing, us.

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