I bet you’re wondering: why is Lindsie so calm with just 20 days before her trip to Vietnam? Well I’ve been distracting myself by reading all of the young adult fantasy with strong female heros that have been published over the past ten years or so. I stopped reading this particular genre due to reading other things (and doing other things besides reading like dancing and working and talking to other humans) and I’ve found that in recent years, the female main characters of these books have changed a bit. Before the goal was to end up with the main male characters happily ever after and that. Now they end up with him but it’s extra to some other motivation, and maybe even they don’t end up together at all. Crazy. There are examples of this happening when I was an actual young adult, of course, but I always wanted more.

I have downloaded the last two books of one series on to my phone to take with me on the plane or wherever. I know I’ll like them because I’ve read the first two, and I know they’ll be a quick-fun-distracting read. Guaranteed time waster. It’s called the Seven Realms series and it’s published by Disney, so I’m suspicious but I read them anyway.

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