I had a dream last night where people
kept invading my space. I was in my apartment and my roommate had invited all these people over and they were setting up for a Jennifer Lopez concert. This involved renovating my apartment and the whole building into a shiny mall with a raised platform for a stage. I didn’t get to the concert because I woke up. “Woke up” because I was in another dream where I was being woken up by someone kissing me: *someone who hadn’t been there when I went to bed.* So they had not only snuck into bed with me but also unlocked the door to my apartment to get in. It was ok in the end because it turned out that we were previously acquainted, but I was still shocked and annoyed. Then I woke up from that dream and I was back in real life.

Today is Friday. All I have pending for the weekend is to do dishes, as I don’t believe I have cleaned any since least weekend. I’ve been busy this week. Except for Tuesday, I’ve been out every night. There weren’t very many dishes on Tuesday so I left them, and anyway, I didn’t want to do them then anyway. I sometime get to them on Wednesday if it don’t do them on Tues but I was a bit rushed, having gotten home a bit late from an accupuncture appointment, and having to take an extra nap (I had dozed at accupuncture, but then afterwards I felt sick, and napping, along with eating, seemed like, and was, a good cure. I have a new favorite thing that I ate: brown rice, black beans, sourkraut and avacado. It’s a recipe from the gluten-free cookbook mum got me for my birthday. I’m going to have another portion tonight before dance. I had a burrito as well on Wednesday, so maybe I’ll do that again, too.)

Then last night I went for dinner with Susan. We went to Value Village after. I finally got to try Be Love and I had everything: dinner, dessert and a milkshake.

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