I’ve been sick a lot lately. It sucks as I have things to do. I had to cancel my birthday party (not this past Saturday but the one before) but the invitees came for a visit anyway and gave me presents. And cupcakes. Tamara made vegan cupcakes. I still have some in the freezer. Susan got me a map of the world to hang on my wall, which I find most pleasing. I haven’t hung it up yet. I will soon. I was sick and then I was busy. Yesterday (Sunday) I was busy watching movies. I also made myself a pile of food for this week. This is a five-day week, but it is the last five-day week I have for a while. I made a roast.

I started acupuncture last Wednesday. It was the last straw, since I’ve been sick three times in the past 10 weeks or so (eight weeks! I just counted). I was at the doctor a couple weeks or so just to make sure I didn’t have something I could take a pill for. The doctor was very helpful, but didn’t have anything useful for me except to say that what I’m going through is perfectly normal. So that made me feel better, a bit. So now acupuncture to try to fill in the gaps. I felt a lot better after my appointment on Wed (no weak legs! Clear-ish respiratory system). So that was great. I went again on Sat but my legs were still weak after. Lungs were clearer though. I went Sat and it was someone else than who I had on Wed, so it was a bit different. Wed guy said come to see him again on Monday but that wasn’t going to work (I was meant to be helpdesk today and I didn’t want to mess that up). So I changed my appointments to Sat and then this Wed (when the original guy is working again). I think it’s working. It’s defiantly helping with the remnants of my cold or whatever it was. I didn’t stay for a whole hour on Sat so it might have worked better if I stayed.

Acupuncture on Wed, and then a massage on Thurs. I sent an e-request to see a consultant at the travel health clinic but I’m yet to hear back from them. I should have waited to make my massage appointment just in case – but I did request a morning appointment at the travel health place.


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