A Review of “Nation” by Terry Pratchett.

The last Tery Pratchett book I read was loaned to me by a friend because the cover was yellow (I like yellow) and it was about an assassin (I like assassins).  That was in grade 12 and I read it several times while consuming banana granola bars (provided by same friend.)  I don’t remember anything else about this book.

“Nation” was also loaned to me by a friend, because appaently I am only ever friends with Terry Pratchett fans.  I spent the whole time reading it thinking I’d read it before, which I’m pretty sure I haven’t.  It was probably just similar to other books I’ve read (Especially where we’re stranded on an island after a storm and a shipwreck with the main characters).  Also, I kept thinking how similar the tone was to E. Waugh and P.G. Wodehouse (For example.  I guess it’s the British dry mockery voice. Or something.  I just notice it, I haven’t studied it.  How funny English people are with their Ways tut tut.)  And now I just realized that while I’ve read several things by Wodehouse, I haven’t acutally read any of his Jeeves and Wooster stories, which is odd, as I’ve seen the TV show, and this is why I’d know of him.  Funny.

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