I thought I broke my toe last week.  I can’t remember exactly but I guess my feet were sore after my two flamenco classes on Monday.  But the thing is, they’re always sore after two flamenco classes in a row so I didn’t do any worrying.  At the very most, I think I might have rolled them around on my tennis ball because generally that helps (usually it’s the balls of my feet that hurt and a tennis ball is pleasant for those).  On Tuesday I may have thought “hm, hurty feet,” but again, my feet are usually sore after two flamenco classes, and this usually lingers into the second day.  I couldn’t be sure what toe was affected, or if it was both my second and third toes.

 On Wednesday I deffo noticed that the pain was toe-centred because I had sharp pain there during my modern class.  I had bare feet and kept looking to see if there was anything wrong, but couldn’t see anything.  It felt a bit like a blood blister, which I sometimes get on the bottom of my feet, at the joint where foot meets toes.  I tried walking home after but my foot was too sore.   At home, I removed my sock to find my third toe all purple and blue along the side next to my second toe.  Thursday and Friday: too sore and had to skip class on Friday.  Thought I had a broken toe and wrapped it accordingly, taping it to my second toe.

 Saturday and Sunday I rested, thinking I had a broken toe.  By Sunday it didn’t hurt but I was still worried.  I didn’t want to skip dance, but I didn’t want to go to dance with a broken toe.  Internet said I didn’t have to go to doctor unless numb, or disfigured, or bleeding.  Injured toe had a bump on the side of it that hurt when I poked it.  Decided to visit doctor first thing Monday morning.

 Doctor squeezed my foot and toes and said nothing was broken.  Then she pressed on the bump on my third toe until I squirmed from pain and explained that I had a ganglia, which is a protective measure created by ligaments when they are bashed about (perhaps sustained in flamenco class).  But not broken! Happy as to not have to rest it for 4-6 weeks.  I just have to cushion it in class somehow so it doesn’t get so bashed.  I wore my jazz runners to flamenco class that night, just to be cautious (consequently, I do not recommend wearing running shoes for flamenco class).

 I was keeping it taped to the second toe this week, just because it keeps them from rubbing together and hurting, but I graduated to just wrapping a band-aid  around it last night for modern and that’s what I’ve done today.  It reminds me of that time I bashed my pinky toe against something and could think of no other cure for the pain than to put a little band-aid on it.  It made me feel better even if it had no actual use.   This time, though, I want the little bump on the side of my third toe to not rub against anything and so the band-aid is more practical.  I’ll have to try and notice it, however, so I’ll stop wrapping it when the bump goes away.

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