I read a book called “The Chaperone” written by an American author.  I purchased it because I was on the ferry with a dead phone, and I needed something to distract me while I sat next the the foot passenger exit so I could get off real fast on the other side because the ferry was over-crowded due to several cancellations and I wanted a seat on the bus.  I was desperate and the cover was pretty. The title character is a woman who chaperones a young Louise Brooks for a summer in 1922.  She (the main character) is very flat and boring and I may have laughed at something major that is revealed to her that I was probably not meant to laugh at. To sum up quickly so I can move on with my life, if I wanted to know everything that the Wikipedia entry has written about Louise Brooks I would have read it.  I did, actually, and it was much shorter than this book.

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