Neat class this morning.  We had a substitute teacher as our regular teacher was in the hospital.  I didn’t catch the whole story there due to no Spanish skills but one of the other students translated.  The sub was a man, opposed to our regular lady, and he is the regular lady’s husband (I think).  He was a bit of a dream come true for some of us as we were meant to do our choro.  solo today (half the class went yesterday, the rest of us were meant to go today.)   The new guy started slowly with hands and arms and ran us through individually our marking step.  His big lesson was that flamenco is about emotion and that technique and doing the steps perfectly is Less Important than personal expression and being able to show that to your audience.  I need to work on that part. The technique too, but ths showing off part for sure. Really, this holds true for all dance,  and performance, but no one really says it.

He also went over listening to the singer (there’s a singer and guitarist in each class) so we know when to start our choreo. I’m not sure why I can’t hear it.  Everyone else seems to. I’ll try again tomorrow with new ears.

The apartment’s hot water (and all hot water in houses in Spain) is provided from a propane tank that is kept under the counter in the kitchen.  Usually.  Right now it’s in the middle of the kitchen, empty, sitting next to a new tank, waiting for someone who can hook it up as we are all frightened.

EDIT: As I laze over here writing, one of the smart women has figured it out. Our original plan was to ask the guys staying upstairs to help (by which I mean hook it up for us)…  Or is it not working now?  New subject.

EDIT 2: (1 hour later)  Nope.  Still no hot water.  Post-dance showers are cold.

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