Hi.  Still in Jerez. Still no wifi.  It’s rather ok to be not checking my phone all day for “updates”. I’ve even forgotten my phone at the apartment on a few occasions. Imagine my surprise when I didn’t spontaneously combust.  I have it with me now, though, as a distraction.  I’m sitting in a mini-plaza as my roomies check out another flamenco store. I’ve bought my shoes already so I’m trying to avoid temptation.  Oh, I call my location a mini-plaza because there are actual plazas here surrounded by restaurants and shops with tables and play areas and such in the centre.  And they have names like Plaza de Whatever that are labeled such on, say, a map, but there is no sign or anything to indicate that you have reached it. I’m having a hard time getting around here with my zero sense of direction and an ability to read maps only if right angles or at least street signs are involved. 

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