Hola.  I know about three Spanish words. They are “hola,” “gracias” and “perdon” and some miscellaneous flamenco terms.  I also know how to ask for the cheque at a restaurant if my spanish speaking friend is there to tell me what to say.  Mostly I’ve been communicating with points and grunts.

I also know “si” and I use that a lot in class.  Not very loud but, you know, hopefully it looks like I know what’s going on even though I have little comprehension of what the teacher is saying. 

When I’m at the stores, however, when the cashier asks me something I just say I don’t know and they say “english?” and I sheepishly say yes and then the ask me if I want a bag, or that they don’t take Mastercard or whatever and I say thank you and that’s that. 

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