Dance classes started again today.  Back into by routine of sleep, work, dance.  I think I’m ok with that.

It’s finally warm enough to wear just a tank top when I go outside.  It has taken far too long in the summer for it to get to this point.  I wore my tank and my skirt downtown today and moseyed about with Amber.  She was dressed up like a hottie (litterally! in black!  she was warm).

I found my bible.  I dressed it up at one point (in my first or second year of university, probably) in a green jacket with pentagram decorations.  Some people might find this offensive?  I think I meant it as a statement (“if I have to have a bible, it’s going to express my wiccan preferences”).  Now I find it balanced.  I don’t have anything against the bible.  The one I have has those tissue-thin pages, and when Jesus talks, the text is in red. Also, it’s a good, satisfying weight.  Also there are post-its from when I was studying Mark and Revelation in school. So in reality, when I say my religious education only consists of Jesus Christ Superstar, I’m lying a little bit.

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