My right (or left) speaker started working again.  I have to place the connecting wire *just so*.

I just spent my week of vacation days doing nothing.  This is what I suspected would happen.  At least I got paid.  Also at least: I didn’t spend all my money.

Today is Sunday and I got up at 7-ish and cleaned my house.  I didn’t mean to get up so early, I was just awake. It feels good to have a tidy (if not vaccumed) house.  I also got out my winter outfits, which should be pleasing, but was, in fact, annoying: I don’t have enough room for everything in my dresser/closet/extra drawers. I’ve accomodated by laying some of my sweaters on the top shelf in my closet, but this is not satisfactory.

I would also change over to my winter duvet for my bed, however, I’ve been super-warm in the nights, so I’ll put that off for a while (and now that I consider, I’m not sure what I’ve done with the cover… still looking, on occasion, for things mis-placed during the move…)

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