I meant to do things today: clean the bathroom, tidy my house, do dishes.  Etcetera.  Instead I had a two hour nap this afternoon.  It felt as though I was getting sick when I woke up this morning, so maybe my body was just trying to conquer that.  I feel better now.  Better-ish.  Long naps make me feel kind of ikky, but I lay in bed when I woke up for a while.  Recovering?  From my nap?  I wouldn’t have gotten up but I have a ballet show to watch tonight.

My house is a mess.  But I have other stuff I want to do here.  There’s not enough time.  I’ll see what I can get done tomorrow.  (It’s not really gross or anything, just more cluttered that I am comfortable with.  I need to do recycling, for example, and generally just pick up after my slobby self.)

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