I’ve been eating so much lately. For most of last week it was Subway sandwiches, but then I decided I would soon run out of money if I ate those with such frequency. (Grammar there?) I’ve been abundant in the lunch-making. Two weeks ago: baked spaghetti. Last week: cheesy tuna cass. This week: stir fry. And I have remaining portions of the first two enough to feed me for all of the week coming up. I’m dbating, though, supplementing that pile with something new. Last week I was practical, too, prepping ham goo for sandwiches I could make and eat in the space of time between work and dance. I’m not sure if this run will last. My fridge is becoming empty. Thought what I like about making my lunches for the week ahead of time is that I don’t have to think about what I’m going to eat during the week. And having food ready for myself for after work was nice too, not having to groan and figure it out when I got home to a fridge full of miscellaneous ingredients and a freezer full of frozen things. I like best when I have a pot full of taco goo to slop into burritos. I have to make more of those.

Last night I couldn’t decide whether I wanted pancakes for dinner or leftover steak fried up and eaten with pasta. So I had both. I didn’t finish all the pancakes though so I musn’t have been as hungry as I thought. Last Saturday morning when I had a little bit of a hangover I had tacos and fried eggs. It’s these multi-dish meals that make me say that I’m eating a lot. It’s winter I guess and I need the extra energy to keep warm.

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