I had my wisdom teeth removed last Tuesday.  This means I have been several days without raisins. I want to eat them, I do, but the thought of digging little bits of chewed up raisin out of my tooth holes just grosses me out.  Just having salad today was awful.  Delishious, but awful. I have to do a salt water rinse after every meal, and spitting out multicoloured bits of crumb into the sink was gross.  And then the pain killers the dentist gave me, while effective, are slowly eating my stomach lining.  I’m off them now, making me the worst drug addict ever as there are some left over in the bottle.

Note: banana pancakes are good, but would be better with raisins.

Note 2: Dad brought me a new house plant.  One of the green furry ones. He and Mum have such faith in me they just keep replacing the plants I kill off with new ones.  So far, so good. Ok, I just checked and I’m pretty sure it’s a real plant.

Note 3: I’d like to say that the best part of my oral surgery was the two tablets of Atavan I took before the procedure, and it was fun at first (and resulted in my not knowing what was going on when, in fact, what was going on was the dentist pulling out my teeth) but afterwards I just felt sick.  Conclusion: no best part of oral surgery.  I lie: the best part was all the applesauce (good with raisins, but not *better* with raisins.)

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