Lunchtime.  I went out for lunch today.  It was an order your food at the counter and pay for it and then go sit in a booth with a number to wait for server to bring your stuff.  I ordered a club sandwich *hold the cheese* and a garden salad.  After the waiting part and the food coming there was feta cheese on the salad.  I went up to the counter with the little bowl of salad and requested another.  I got back to the table and took a bite of my sandwich and it was soooooo good.  But what was that dripping from the inside.  Cheddar.  Rrrr.  I took my plate up to the counter and requested another.  I had to wait a little longer, and then my new salad came.  Good, except I had taken my salad dressing back with my sandwich plate.  Waited some more and one of the servers brought out my sandwich.  The same sandwich I had taken back, still with cheese, and with a bite taken out of it (the one I had taken).  Note good.  I returned that again.  Oh man.  My proper sandwich was delivered a few minutes later, no cheese, very delicious.  The server offered me a dessert to make up for the trouble, and I got a carton of fruit salad.  Crazy!  But I got my food, so all was well.  Silly, but well.

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