I’m wearing a thick layer of slime today. I mean sun screen. Its finally hot and sunny. It was yesterday, too, but there’s always that one day when I forget that I need to maintain a Sun Defence: hat and sunscreen. Although right now I’m in the shade and there’s a breeze going and it’s quite nice. Nap, not work, is what I want. “Nap not work” is my new slogan.

Last night my balcony, facing the setting sun, was poisonous with heat. I snuck out only to dump some water on my wilting plants. I kept the curtains shut, but the apartment was still oven-hot until the sun was fully set around nine. I sat around and basked in the warmth, well, with the fan aimed at me. The heat is like wearing a permanent blanket, and I like wearing blankets.

I slept the last few nights with both my window and balcony door open. No problem sleeping with the street noise except for last night when some drunk guy yelled for Ruth-Ann and his friends shushing him. Maybe it was Ruth-Ann he called for, maybe I was dreaming.

I woke up this morning with anxiety over my file numbering stamps at work. Foolishness, remembering once I got to work and seeing there is no problem. I can’t remember if I was dreaming about them.

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