I’m having an amazingly unfocused day.  I read my book and refused to clean for most of the morning, then I napped.  Then lunch (ish).  Oh, but I did get laundry done and bottles in for return.  Then I refused to clean some more and read more of my book.  Then I thought I better clean and put on some loud music.  Then I started setting up periferals on my new computer.  Then I shopped for a new scanner because for some reason my ten-year-old* scanner isn’t compatable with Windows 7.  Then I thought I better get something clean and so my bathroom is now clean.  Stupid day.

On a good note, it’s sunny out and my laundry is out drying in it.

On a bad note, I can see feathery clusters of dust blowing in the breeze made by my fan in areas I already dusted.  I’m afraid some of the clusters are bits of my duster that got snagged.

On a good note: Gaga’s Bad Romance on repeat.  That’s right.  I’m thirteen**.

Do you know what I’m not going to do tonight?  Watch Simon and Garfunkel live at GM place.  I might watch them in Central Park, as that’s the location they play on my DVD.  I may just wallow in annoyance.

“Late Nights on Air” by Elizabeth Hay would be a good book to read after reading “Survival” by Margaret Atwood.  Or one could read “Survival” again after to figure out how it fits.  One would have to find her copy of “Survival” first.

*The reason is probably that it is ten years old, right?  But it still works and I love it and I don’t actually want a new one.  I’ve been glancing at it forlornly.

**For the record, when I was thirteen it was “The Phantom of the Opera” soundtrack that I listened to over and over again.

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