30 June, 2010 15:28

I forgot my lunch this morning. I was almost in the building (across the street) when I realized it and I started to laugh. I never forget my lunch. Sometimes I don’t bring one if I have lunch plans. But I never forget it. I ended up taking out my supervisor to Irish Times to thank her for my year of work. The anniversary of my start is Friday. I hardly believe it.

Yesterday I noticed many people (OK, two) using the word “utilize” when they wrote comments on-line when they could just have used the word “use”. This bugs me as it’s a waste of typing, space and syllables. What makes you so important that you have to utilize the things around you and can’t just use them like the rest of us?

“Look at me utilizing this pencil to write with.”

“Utilize this, you pretentious chump.”

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