I wore the stupidest pants at dance tonight.  They are meant to be yoga pants but they are cheep and don’t breath and are too loose so I have to tie the string around my waist so they are tight, but in an annoying way!  And if I don’t tie the string they fall off.  When the string around my waist isn’t bothering me, I’m grossed out by the sweat forming in a layer on my legs and being slippery because the fabric of the pants doesn’t soak any of it in.  Ew and ew.

Other than that, my favorite step of the evening was an arabesque with the arms hanging straight down in front.  It looks pretty when the teacher does it, and I hope it looks pretty on me.  (There were people in front of me so I couldn’t see in the mirror, and besides, I was concentrating too hard to look, and besides, *we’re supposed to be looking down* at that point.)

And that’s all I want to talk about today.

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