30 March, 2010 08:48

Lindsie’s Revelation of the week.

I was just looking at my bank account, to see if I have enough to pay for all the things I have to pay for at the beginning of the upcoming month. I do. This was to see how much of my upcoming paycheque I would need to use to cover the difference, of which there is none. Lesson learned: when I don’t spend my money on junk I don’t need* I can save money.

*List of junk I don’t need at present:

Craft supplies/Anything from Staples**—I have a good stock of these things from previous junk-buying sprees.

Clothes—I brought out my spring and summer clothes and don’t have enough room to put them all.

Anything from Dollar Giant (anything for $1.25!)

Shiny things

**but oh my goodness, clear shipping labels that you can put through the printer are saving my life!

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