I’m trying to decide what to have for supper. My mind keeps saying “get Subway!” only to be defeated by my mind, which says “No! You have lots of food at home!” Last night after dance I made rice, turkey and veggie stir-fry. Mm. There were leftovers that I packaged with the intention of having for lunch tomorrow, but I don’t know if it’ll last that long. It’s turkey week, since I was in Duncan on Saturday and Mum and Dad made turkey dinner and then I took leftovers. Turkey week! I’ve had sandwiches for lunch, on fresh bread. Fresh on Sunday bread, anyway. It was still soft on today’s sandwich. I’ve finally decided on my favourite preparation of turkey sandwich. These have altered over the years, from Mayo and cranberry sauce that my mum used to make, to mayo, cranberry sauce and pickle (and stuffing if available) that I used to make when Mum stopped making me sandwiches for the most part. Then pickle and mayo because I never had cranberry sauce when I lived alone (cranberry sauce is expensive!). But I’ve decided that my favourite way to have turkey on a sandwich is with mayo and pepper. Lots of mayo, and butter on the bread. And preferably on fresh bread.

The fresh bread I made this week had almost a cup of rye flour in it. It tastes ok but isn’t really usable as bread. For example, it doesn’t cut very well, and it’s a bit crumbly for sandwiches. I’m trying to figure out how to make rye bread through the guess-and-test method with my bread machine. Unfortunately, the manual for said machine recommends not using more than a quarter cup to prevent the machine from breaking. Well, i’ve used almost a cup but it wasn’t the greatest of breads, so lesson learned. I may have to make my rye bread By Hand. I’ve made bread by hand before (back when I had no money, but did have a sack of flour) and this is why I don’t make bread by hand any more. I only “make my own” bread now because I have the bread machine. Funny story: a couple of weeks ago I bought my first loaf of bread after not buying any for almost a year—it just wasn’t as delicious as my own, even though it was the fancy Ancient Grains bread that I always liked.

“Maybe McDonalds!” my mind suggests for dinner!

“No!” my mind replies. “We have food at home and McDonalds always makes you feel yucky!”

“But Sooooooooooo salty and good! And sweet, sweet ketchup.”

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